4 Hobbies That Are Excellent for Seniors

Are you whiling away your retirement? Take up a hobby. In fact, take up more than one! Read ahead to find out why diving into a hobby is good for you and to see four hobby ideas that are perfect for you to try in your golden years.

Why Start a Hobby?

Hobbies are more than an effective way to occupy your time. They’re excellent outlets for your creative energy. They’re great methods for stress relief, letting you completely forget about your worries. They make you happier, even when you’re a beginner. Most importantly, experts recommend that you take up creative hobbies during lockdown to help you manage your mental health. When times are tough, you can always make yourself feel better by pulling out your art supplies or opening up a book.

If you’re thinking of moving into a senior living community in the near future, you should look for a place that encourages residents to take up as many hobbies as possible. Click here to see senior retirement homes with independent assisted living and communal spaces that encourage hobbies like baking, craft-making, and gardening. The homes also offer long lists of group activities, workshops, and social events that residents are encouraged to join. There is no way that you will ever feel bored.

If you’re at a loss about what hobby you should pick up, these are four incredible ideas:

1. Art

Art therapy encourages people to be creative and express their feelings through arts and crafts. It’s used to treat people living with extreme stress to chronic pain.

Choose whatever art form inspires you. Paint with watercolours. Sketch a scene in charcoal. Fill in all of the pages of a colouring book. Make a collage out of magazine clippings. The possibilities are endless.

2. Photography

Photography is another wonderful choice. The activity will encourage you to hone your creativity, and it will help you make memories. You’ll never forget a single moment when you have incredible photos to look back on. This will be especially useful for anyone who is struggling with memory issues.

3. Knitting

Knitting is a hobby that will help you destress. Knitting enthusiasts find the craft meditative because they lose themselves in the repetitive pattern, leaving them completely calm by the time they decide to take a break. Its relaxing capabilities are so powerful it can lower your blood pressure.

If you find that knitting is painful for your hands because of osteoarthritis or other joint problems, there are solutions like changing hand positions or using specialized needles. Nothing has to stop you from making your fall scarves.

4. Reading

Reading is a fantastic hobby to jump into. Reading books boosts your brain function, helping improve your memory and reducing your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Taking up a reading challenge can be intimidating on your own, so get some company by starting your own book club and catching up with like-minded friends about your favourite stories.

Retirement is the perfect time to try something new. Throw yourself into a brand-new hobby and see how it changes your life for the better.