4 Gifts Every Book Nerd Will Love

We all have that friend or family member who – when not eating or sleeping – probably has their head buried in a book! Whether it’s a brand new bestseller or a novel they’ve read a thousand times already, this person simply lives for words on a page. The great thing about this is that you know birthdays and Christmases are easy because anything book-related will be perfect. Choosing a book from a store might be tricky, as you don’t know if they’ve read it or not, but there are many gifts centered around books that will be equally as great.

Fantasy/sci-fi bookend

Unless the person you’re buying for has a bookshelf, then those pesky books can never seem to stand up straight on a desk or table! Maybe they do have a bookshelf, but have so many novels that there is no more space! Either way, picking up some cool bookends is a great idea, especially if they are into fantasy book series like The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or even graphic novels from DC or Marvel. These bookends look awesome and you’re bound to find something suitable as a present.

DIY book

Okay, so they’ve read pretty much every book under the sun, but they can’t have read a book that only you’ve made! Making a personalized book is a fun idea, as it can be filled with anything from screenshots of funny conversations you’ve had online to memorable pictures taken together or even just a scrapbook of all their favorite things. Get creative and make them a book which doesn’t exist anywhere else, and see what possibilities you have with book printing from print24, as everything is easier to complete online.

Fun bookmark

Is your friend or family member still using an old train ticket or random piece of paper as a bookmark? Time for them to get updated and see what’s possible in the world of bookmarks! Maybe you believe it’s not the most exciting world to live in? Think again. Bookmarks can be as cool as you want them to be, and as you can see here, can be unique, fun, silly, and contain cool video game or movie references. Just make sure they aren’t the person who folds the corner of the page over when needing a bookmark, as there are far better ways to remember which page they’re on.

Book safe

Finally, if you have an old book lying around, turn that into a book safe with a secret compartment! You’ll need some DIY skills and a few tools, but once the project is finished, it will be such a cool place to store anything they want to keep secret, such as money or jewelry. Watch this video on YouTube for a guide on how to turn an old book into a safe for hidden things.

If you don’t like any of those ideas, then you might just have to take a chance on a few highly recommended books that you hope they haven’t read yet!

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