30 Compact and Functional Corner Desk Designs

Everyone needs a working place at home no matter you work from home or just to place your notebook to surf the web, check emails, take notes, etc. Surely, it is crucial to have the right type of the desk as it directly affects your productivity. Even if you opt for a store-bought desk or design it for yourself, it is always a painstaking job especially when you don’t have a lot of room to build your desk. A corner desk is the most preferred design for being both compact and functional and offering loads of choices for different needs applicable to both your home and office. They come in various types for different needs like a floating desk with drawers, or a more modular one with shelves above it, or a built-in desk with a storage unit that fits perfectly to your corner. Below, we prepared a photo-gallery of the best examples to help you customize your own corner desk at home or office. Have a look at them and share your ideas with us.

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