26 Serene Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

Blue is one of the colours that never goes out of fashion for the bathroom. It always works for any bathroom to highlight a more airy and relaxing mood no matter which style it is designed in. Whereas Moroccon style blue tiles make the most popular way to go for this colour for the bathroom, there are many other options that you can consider for your own place. From darker tones like navy and midnight to lighter ones like powder blue and serenity blue, there are many shades of blue available to choose from. You don’t need to paint your bathroom from top to bottom in one colour to restyle it. You can change your backsplash, floor, or wall paper one or more of your walls in blue to redesign your bathing place. Blue can be used as an accent with many other colors, or as the main one and applied to some specific parts of your bathroom. White, creamy, grey and tan are some of the colours that you can go color blocking with blue. You see, when it comes to redesign and restyle your home, the ideas are endless. We rounded up the best photos of blue bathroom designs below. Take a look at them for inspiration.

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