24 Stunning Embroidery Hoop Design Examples

Today’s article is for the ones who have an empty wall at home and want to decorate it in the best and chicest way and our offer is embroidery hoops. Anything handmade always adds value to your home decoration, don’t you think? Embroidery hoops are perfect art pieces to adorn your walls and you can arrange a couple of them in accordance with other decorative elements in the room. You can also consider including some frames and maybe some antique plates to create an extraordinarily beautiful design which will impress all the family members and undoubtedly your neighbours and guests. If you plan to have such a wall art design for your home, you’ll need some embroidery hoops and you’ll need to decide on the theme of them which depends mainly on which room you’ll use them for and what the overall mood of the room is. Needled portraits of fruits and vegetables are ideal for the kitchen, whereas the cute animals fit the best kid’s room. You may want to hang more artistic pieces on your livingroom, for example replicas of famous paintings go perfect with antique plates and family photos. All in all, nothing looks better than a handmade art piece than a store-bought decorative item for your home, so today, it is time for you to have a couple of embroidery hoops hanged on your place. Scroll down to see our gllery of the best embroidery hoop design examples.

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