Pinecone Tattoos – Symbol of Human Enlightenment and Eternal Life

Why the pinecone tattoo? What’s the symbolism behind it? Oh gosh, you’re in for a treat! Symbolic representation of human enlightenment, the Third Eye and the pineal gland it all comes back to pinecones. Conifer Pine Trees are as old as time, the most ancient plant genera on Earth. The spiral spine of pinecone is a perfect Fibonacci sequence in both directions, known as Sacred Geometry, just like found in rose and sunflower. The pineal gland is known as a ‘third eye,’ ‘the dream center’ and the ‘mystic seed’ and its name comes from the resembled shape of a pinecone. Not just that, it even shares a similar reaction to the affection of light. The receptor of spiritual light, able to open up to mystical awareness. Pinecones are the beauty of Nature, collecting Earth energy. They are the symbol of sexuality and fertility for Romans. As the pine seed gives birth to a tree that will outlive human by thousands of years, it is considered the symbol of everlasting, eternal life. Egyptians look at it as the 3rd eye, an illumined spiritual nature. The stories go on and on, just like the everlasting energy carried through the seed of pinecones from the beginning of time into eternity. Pretty amazing tattoo idea if ya ask me. 🙂

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