23 Easy Homemade Bookmark Design Ideas for Bookworms

If you have been reading us for long, you’d have already noticed how much we love diy projects, especially the ones with versatile materials. Felt is one of those materials which can be used to make any thing you want with almost no effort. It can be found easily and in all colours and also a budget-friendly diy item. Felt projects are not that challenging ones but the result is always pleasing. Today, we collected some brilliant photo ideas to make your own felt bookmarks. You can make them out of leftover felt pieces that you’ve already had at home, adding some other materials like ribbons, buttons, rolling eyes, etc. to create your very own unique bookmark at home. Just find a design and get your scissors and glue gun or hand-stitch all the parts to complete your bookmark. Below we showcase some of the best and easy homemade bookmark design ideas to inspire you. From animals to flowers, food to flags and many others… There is definitely one for everyone. Just take a look and share your ideas with us using the comment box in the end.

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