23 Creative DIY Custom Painted Mug Designs

Always looking for a fresh new craft idea to challenge your skills? Then why not giving a chance to designing your own mug today? If you get bored with your plain mug, you can add a personality to it by writing or doodling on it with a sharpie. First find a plain mug from a thrift store which is approximately 90p or so, then gather some sharpies and start doodling as you wish. You can use it as a coffee mug, stationary or even put flowers inside of it and turn your handcrafted mug into a vase! Customized mugs also make wonderful gifts especially on Mother’s and Father’s Day, keepsakes for birthdays and weddings and can be used for many other purposes you can think of. Today, we gathered some photo-ideas for designing your own custom painted mugs. Check them out and share your own craftings with us!

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