21 Spectacular Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

It sometimes becomes hard to keep kids busy indoors during a rainy afternoon, summer holiday or at the weekend, and as parents, we always get stuck to find something to entertain them. Easy craft projects are the best way to have both fun time and give them the chance to improve their creative skills. It is smart to keep some craft materials underhand and bring them out when needed. Pipe cleaner is one of the versatile materials that can be turned into thousands of different things depending on your kid’s interest. Flowers, animals, head bands, eye-glasses, bracelets and many more can be crafted easily with some pipe cleaners and other stuff. Let your kids explore the materials you have at home, use their imagination and build spectacular creations! Below we collected some super easy pipe cleaner crafts for kids to make, play with, give their friends and have fun! Just show your kids our photo-ideas and let them choose the one for themselves. Hope you enjoy them and have perfect family time!

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