Young Talent Expresses His Artistic Side Through Minimalist Tattoos

Juan is based in Bogotá, Miami and took up ink art to express his artistic side. He chose minimalist designs as speciality and he is extremely good at inking symbols, one word tattoos, dates, etc. “Dream! Dream a lot!!!” is his mantra and he believes in the power of positive thinking. “Since I started, I have had the privilege of expressing love in each of my tattoos, connecting with you and filling this space with positive energies.” he states on his Instagram account. “4 years ago I had the crazy idea of ​​buying a machine to tattoo myself without having any knowledge. I still remember the anxiety I felt when I was using all the savings I had buying supplies … I never imagined that I would come to represent Colombia in this style of tattoos; but here I am, sitting in my private study, grateful to God for illuminating every step that I walk; grateful to you for being so nice to me and appreciating my work.” he says. We fall in love with his neat and clean style for fine line tattoos. He perfectly turns a simple word into a body art using his needle. Here you can browse just some of his tattoo designs. You can follow him on Instagram to stay tuned.