“Colorful Creator” Megan Zietz Dresses Her House Like She Dresses Herself

New York City based Megan Zietz is the name behind the Instagram account and blog TFDiaries (est. 2010) who calls herself “Colorful Creator”. She stays at home, plays dress up, adds color to everything while juggling motherhood. As stated in her blog; “She has a goal to inspire female readers in their 30’s to step out of their comfort zone and embrace their bold, adventurous side! Whether you’re a mom of three like Megan, a single first-time homeowner, or any of the million and more possibilities there are to be: your 30’s are about self care, being adventurous, enjoying life and having a sense of humor on whatever awaits around the corner.” She is known for her love of color, corresponding bright red hair and for how she never shies away from the new and exciting. Over the last several years home content has become Megan’s passion, creating new spaces and inspiring her readers to step outside the lines and have fun with it. “I really do dress my house like I would dress myself. Lots of color, textures and patterns. I definitely pull my decor inspiration from fashion and travel.” she captions one of her photos on Instagram. She opens the door of her house for her followers and shares loads of inspiring photos showcasing every corner of house in vibrant colors. Here you can see just some of them and you can check your account for more.