15 Decorative DIY Bird Feeder Ideas

No matter you have a backyard or balcony, making your own bird feeder is easier than you think and it is a fun way for observing different kinds of birds especially if you have kids. It sometimes becomes hard for our feathered friends to find food not only in harsh days of winter, but also in summer. So why not helping them by placing a couple of bird feeders around and let them feel it is also their home. You can even turn this into a kind of decoration by designing and craftig your own bird feeders using the things you can find at home or getting them from the thrift store nearby. If you don’t know how to make healthy homemade bird treats, this tutorial may be helpful. Now, all you need is some ideas and you’ll find that by just scrolling down and visiting our gallery. Check them out then let us know about your thoughts using the comment box below.

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