14 Perfect Homemade Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year to surprise your friends and family with special gifts. You can spoil them with some homemade presents and show how much they mean to you. Do it yourself bath and beauty products make pleasing gifts especially for those who are very fond of their body care. Soaps, body scrubs, butters and truffles with seasonal scents can make this Christmas one of the most memorable ones for you and your beloved ones. In this post, we packed up 14 homemade beauty recipes for you. You can try one or more of them and maybe prepare some beauty baskets before Christmas approaches. Check them and let us know about your favorite ones.

Goatsmilk Soap

10 beauty Goatsmilk SoapTutorial: simplesilverlinings

Cinnamon Sugar Foot Scrub

09 beauty Cinnamon Sugar Homemade Foot Scrub
Tutorial: craftsunleashed

Scented Salt Scrub

04 beauty scented salt scrub
Tutorial: madincrafts

Winter Body Scrub

02 beauty winter body scrub
Tutorial: mitzyathome

Gingerbread Scrub

12 beauty Gingerbread Scrub
Tutorial: wallflowergirl

Christmas Soaps

13 beauty christmas soaps
Tutorial: hellowonderful

Goat’s Milk Citrus Soap

06 beauty goat's milk citrus soap
Tutorial: hellowonderful

Double Chocolate Body Butter

07 beauty Double Chocolate Body Butter
Tutorial: backtothebooknutrition

Cinnamon Bath Truffles

08 beauty Cinnamon bath truffles
Tutorial: sprinkleofcinnamon

Peppermint Bath Bomb

03 beauty peppermint bath bomb
Tutorial: apumpkinandaprincess

Anti-aging Natural Emulsified Sugar Scrub

01 beauty Anti-aging Natural Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipe
Tutorial: soapdelinews

Shea Butter Witch Hazel Soap

05 beauty Shea Butter & Witch Hazel Soap Recipe
Tutorial: soapdelinews

Cranberry Orange Soap

11 beauty Melt & Pour Cranberry Orange Soap Recipe
Tutorial: soapdelinews

Lavender Body Scrub

14 beauty lavender body scrub
Tutorial: sparkandchemistry

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