12-Year-Old Boy has a Special Bond with a Family of Marmots

There’s nothing more special than a special relationship between kids and animals and this unique bond between a young Austrian boy and a small a group of marmots is truly one of a kind. This 12-year-old loved hanging out with animals since he was a toddler, so it’s perfectly understandable for this group of marmots to trust him. Matteo and his mother, Michaela, a schoolteacher, really bonded with these adorable fellas, so they decided to spend two weeks every year simply hanging out with these marmots in the breathtaking setting of the Grossglockner in the Austrian Alps. “Matteo loves those animals and they are not at all afraid of him because he has a feeling towards them and they understand that,” says Matteo’s father. What a wonderful story.

Best friends.

Look at these two!

Stunning background.

These marmots trust Matteo completely.

They love him very much.

They always want to hang out with him.

A heartwarming story.

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