10 Training Tips For German Shepherd Puppies

Training a German shepherd puppy requires a lot of wisdom. Although it is not very difficult to train the puppy, you need to be consistent , clear and put a lot of emphasis on positive training methods such as love ant treats. Using these methods properly will help you in getting an obedient dog. Fortunately, most puppies take the shortest time to learn basic training. Importantly, you require no special equipment to have an obedient German shepherd dog. For you to successful train your puppy and nurture it into a responsible dog, follow the following tips:

Socialize With Your Shepherd Puppy Early
Socialization is one of the most important training tips for a German shepherd puppy. This should be done immediately after your puppy has been taken to the vet for his first set of vaccine shots. Although some vets may advise you to wait until the full set of vaccines is completed, you should not conform since your puppy’s socialization period may be closed before completion of vaccines thereby lowering your chance of raising a confident and friendly dog.

Use the Right Way to Potty Train Your German Shepherd Puppy
Potty training is one of the first basic training tips your puppy is expected learn. If this training is not properly administered at the beginning, you may end up running your home with urine and potty. For this reason, you are supposed to know the number of times your puppy goes out. Since puppies tend to go to a potty more often than adult dogs, always take your your puppy out for potty every time they feel like. Precisely, for you to successfully potty-train your puppy. You can also learn how to house train German Shepherd puppies from PuppyJoy.net.

Teach Your Puppy on Proper Use of His Mouth
Sometimes, you may notice that your puppy has the behaviors of chewing toys, boxes, pillows, and everything they find on their ways. Though annoying, this is a behavior that can be controlled. How? Well, train your puppy on the appropriate use of his mouth and how to apply pressure when biting different things.

Use Food Treats for Training
Motivating a dog during training is very important. This can be done through rewarding your puppy with things they like most; especially food. However, this should be done in the right way to ensure that your puppy can still obey your commands even without any treat.

Train Your Puppy in Different Places From Scratch
It is easy for a human being to generalize the concept of training when placed in a new environment. However, it is different for dogs. If you train the dog to sit in the kitchen, the same dog would not sit in the living room unless trained from the scratch.

Teach Your Puppy to Ask For Permission
Training your puppy to ask for permission every time he wants to. Well, for instance, your dog should ask for your permission to go after another dog or stranger in the house if trained properly.

Stop Your Puppy from Jumping
It is essential to train your puppy not to jump carelessly. This can be done through ignoring it when it jumps onto you. Instead, greet him when on his four paws. With time, his jumping will be under your control.

Be Consistent During the Training
Ensure that during the entire training process you involve many family members so that everyone is put on the same page by the dog. For instance, when you are telling him “off” when he jumps onto the sofa, the same language should apply to someone else for consistency purposes.

Tell Your Puppy What You Want Him to Do
Always tell your puppy what you want him to do in order for you to avoid confusion. This means that he should sit whenever you tell him to sit.

Always Reward Good Behaviors and Ignore Bad Ones
Unlike other training tips, this rule is very easy to apply. You need to pay attention and reward good things done by your puppy.

For you to successfully train your puppy, you should start the exercise as soon as you get the puppy into your home. However, you should always be positive and show appreciation every time he correctly completes the tasks. For sure, coupling the above tips together will give you admirable end results.

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