Flawlessly Beautiful Sugar Paste Figurines by Yana Chaban

Pastry creative Yana Chaban lives and works in Russia. She has been into confectionary art since 2014. Her story started with making cakes at first, then she began to make exclusive decor from sugar paste, and she had suggestions that she gave a master class. Finally, she became a teacher. For 6 years now, she has been teaching pastry chefs to make dolls for cakes. She is a teacher at an online school for making dolls using sugar paste. She is extremely passionate about her work and her students which allow her to pour her creativity into and share her knowledge. She says; “I teach sculpting people and other characters. Before Covid19 came to us, I did field workshops in Russia and Europe. And then I created my online school. I hope that the world will soon defeat this virus, and I will be happy to resume visiting master classes.” Beautiful and elegant mastic dolls are perhaps one of the most popular cake figures for little girls! Knowing the technique of sculpting dolls, having worked it out under the supervision of a master, you can learn how to create such dolls even for beginners. “Tn fact, all such dolls are made according to the same principle, the only difference is in clothes and hairstyle. The size of the doll itself can also be different. I talk about all these in detail in my courses on creating such dolls.” she captions one of her photos on Instagram. You can see the first photo in our gallery showcases Yana’s Mona Lisa reproduction out of sugar paste which is outstandingly successful. “It is said that Leonardo sometimes fainted from overexertion while working on his famous painting. There are many theories about who this girl really is. By the way, one of the theories is that, in fact, a young man posed for the artist, the rest is a fiction of the master. Maybe that’s why, at the initial stage of modeling, at least for me, it was a man.” she explains and continues as follows; “This work seemed to me not difficult, except that for a full-fledged 3d figure you need at least two angles, and we, as you know, have only one picture. In the carousel, the photo of the figurine is almost from the side. This is how I saw the profile of this famous girl. Is it correct, is it similar to the original, who knows now? …It took me about 5 hours to complete this miniature, taking into account the time spent on partial video filming of the process. It could have been faster, but sculpting on the camera is terribly inconvenient, especially portraits. In general, the idea of sculpting figurines based on the paintings of world classics has long haunted me. It is a very unusual feeling to look at the result in 3d. By the way, in the photo the figurine looks a little worse, flatter, or something .. In real life it is more interesting.” Wanna see her impressive pieces of edible art now? Just keep scrolling down and let us know what you think!