Woon Heng Chia Creates Plant-Based Dishes with an Asian Twist

Woon Heng Chia creates and shares Asian plant-based dishes with their recipes via her blog. Her goal is to inspire us to try a meatless dish, one meal at a time. “I wish to share with you my passion for creating plant-based cuisines, usually made with an Asian twist. I love to veganize foods from various countries and cultures by exploring plant-based alternatives.” she states on her blog. How did all started? One day her daughter asked if she could write down her delicious recipes for her so she can make them when she lives by herself. Her request melted her Woon’s heart and she thought; “it was a great idea!”. Therefore, she started to share her recipes on her Instagram account. “It makes me elated every time when I successfully veganize a popular dish because this means people can now enjoy their favorite dish without hurting any animals. By putting more diverse and delicious plant-based options out there, I hope this will encourage people to try adopting a plant-based lifestyle, one meal at a time.” she says, adding that; “Malaysian cooking plays a major influence in my cooking style. I am so lucky to have grown up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a city filled with diverse cultures, which allowed me to have tasted a wide variety of cuisines from a very young age.” She truly hopes her blog will provide you some ideas for either making plant-based meals from time to time, or trying to adopt a full-time plant-based diet. Below you can see just some images of her delicious plant-based dishes. Hope they inspire you to change your diet.