Shops and Cafes in Prague’s Circular Vaults and Futuristic Underwater Bathrooms

Revitalization of Prague Riverfront Area – Rašínovo Embankment is under way, designed by ‘Brainwork Architects‘ – Petr Janda, Anna Podroužková, Maty Donátová, Bára Simajchlová. The circular vaults within Prague’s embankment will contain new cafes, galleries, and studios along the Vltava River. New public places and even futuristic bathrooms (floating toilets) that lead underwater as shown in the plans below. The vaults were previously storage units, a part of the embankment itself with a tunnel-like design. The project is a part of the Czech city’s efforts to revitalize a four-kilometer swath of the riverbank, that was used as a parking lot until now. 6 tunnels are planned to be transformed into shops and galleries with big round entrance doors made out of glass. “The interventions symbiotically merge with the original architecture of the riverside wall, into which they naturally fuse,” Janda shared. “By using the acupuncture strategy, they re-create a monumental whole.” You can see preliminary sketches and plans of this entire project on Instagram, and follow the working process and its final realization.


Revitalization of Prague Riverfront Area by Brainwork Architects

Photo credits: Brainwork Architects, photographed by Boysplaynice.

The old storage units are planned to be transformed into new cafes, galleries, and public places.

6 tunnel-like locations will now be beautiful places for social gatherings.

Floating toilets, Náplavka, Prague

You can see the toilets that are designed basically underwater.

via [thisiscolossal]