Why Homeowners Are Loving Larger Showers When Renovating Their Bathrooms

The market for bathroom remodeling projects is worth more than $85 billion each year, with luxury bathrooms becoming more popular recently, according to PR Newswire. Luxury is the keyword for most homeowners when it comes to their bathroom, including the use of Kohler Luxstone shower walls and eco-friendly showerheads. Times and trends continue to change, but for the majority of the 21st-century, most homeowners have looked to install larger walk-in showers. A bathroom renovation is no longer complete without a stand-alone large shower installed, with or without a bathtub alongside.

1. Give Yourself Some Space

One of the main benefits of a walk-in shower is the smaller footprint they often have over a bathtub. The need for space is a modern phenomenon, with the limiting of the space used for a shower among the main reasons for the choice of a shower over a tub. Larger showers can still use up less space than tubs, with the extra space used to give you more an open feeling to be enjoyed each time you shower.


2. Open up Your Bathroom

Space is a commodity in short supply in many modern homes, but a larger shower can give you a feeling of openness in your bathroom. Bob Vila explains the latest shower trends include the use of glass doors and walls to limit the closing of your space. To ensure your bathroom maintains an airy feel, you can include glass walls and doors that do not close up space and limit the sightlines that can be obscured by bathtubs and closed up walls.


3. Choose from Luxury Materials

Many different materials can be chosen from when you are looking to upgrade your shower. Kohler Luxstone is a range of impressive materials that can add to the luxurious oasis you are hoping to make when you are creating a larger shower. The larger area you are intending to use for your shower means you should be looking to add as much luxury and high-quality material as possible. When you are choosing how to change your bathroom to include a larger shower, you may find yourself looking to include a range of luxury options and materials. Luxury materials may be more expensive, but your return on investment will be higher when you include better materials. Return on investment levels have been estimated at between 70 and over 100 percent, with the showers using high-quality materials providing a higher ROI than those with budget materials and appliances.


4. Drawing Attention to the Shower

In a bathroom, you may find yourself drawn to certain appliances and accessories, including the toilet and bathtub surrounded by a shower curtain. A large shower is a feature you should be intent on drawing the attention towards when your remodel is complete. Drawing attention to your shower is made easier when you use a larger weight of door and wall made from high-quality glass. HIding a toilet behind a dividing wall is a good way of making sure the eye is drawn away from this unsightly, but needed appliance in your bathroom. The shower can be an attractive option bringing you a simple and effective way of making sure your bathroom is highlighted by the large shower you choose.


5. Larger with Less Water Use

Upgrading or remodeling your shower is a good option when you are hoping to save water and limit the amount of energy you use. You can look to create a large, powerful shower that can limit energy use through the use of a tankless water heater. Another option is to choose a showerhead that uses less water than the traditional ones that failed to make it easy for you to cut back on water use. Even a larger shower with a low-flow showerhead will limit the water you use to around 17 gallons for an eight-minute shower. This compares well to the 25 to 40 gallons of water used in a standard bathtub.


6. Think About Those With Disabilities

Making sure your home is disability-friendly is one of the trends of the 21st-century, with more homeowners ensuring larger showers are available. Those affected by physical impairments can find difficulties in getting in and out of a bathtub. A larger shower can be created to be wheelchair-friendly and limit the problems encountered by those with physical disabilities.