Why Are Sky Maps so Popular, These Days?

Why Are Sky Maps so Popular, These Days?

Have you ever seen your own personal sky map? Also known as star chart or even as map of the night sky, this special kind of map represents how the sky looked in the night of your birth. Many people are now looking for ways to get their sky maps printed since it’s a fun way to express themselves, especially those who believe in astrology. 

It’s also a really interesting and original idea for a thoughtful birthday gift! Read through this article to learn a bit more about sky maps, their rising popularity and even learn of a good place to order some high quality prints.

What exactly is a sky map and why are star charts so popular?

A sky map is simply the position of the sky as seen from a particular place and time. When speaking of sky maps, most people are specifically talking about birth charts – in other words, a representation of the major stars and planets at the time when someone was born, as seen from their place of birth. This provides a visual representation of that person’s astrological influences, which allows anyone who understands of astrology or even astronomy to draw many interesting insights.

Sky maps can be applied to just about any event asides from a human birth; you may get the sky map for the day of your marriage, or the start date of your business and it can always be used by a skilled astrologist to find valuable insights. The reason why star charts are so popular is because they make for a fun and thoughtful gift that look good hanging on any wall. Asides from the aesthetics look it also provides a good deal of valuable information, so it’s only natural how popular sky maps are lately.

What information is available on a sky map?
Why Are Sky Maps so Popular, These Days?

A good sky map will give you all the major information you’d get by looking at the night sky on a specific date and time, from a specific location on Earth. This includes the position of all the planets in the solar system, as well as the major surrounding constellations, plus the position of the moon, the sun and a few of the nearby stars. 

This information has many layers and can be used by different people for different purposes:

An artist or designer may appreciate looking at a sky map just for its visual quality and significance, whereas a scientist should be able to make many interesting observations by looking at the elements in a sky map. If you show the exact same sky map to an astrologist, he will surely be able to make extensive predictions by interpreting the meaning and position of each astrological body.

This is one of the coolest things about sky maps that explains why they’re so popular: different people can inspect them and find all kinds of different information – that means sky maps can be great conversation pieces, especially if you keep them hanging in your office. 

Where can you get your own sky map in high resolution?

If you’ve been looking for a place where you can get your sky maps printed out in high resolution and great quality that’s suitable for framing and hanging on the wall, you will appreciate the sky map service available at GreaterSkies.com. From this website you can easily download a high resolution set of printable files, or get any sky map printed out for you in a generous 18×24″ size and shipped to anywhere in the the world. 

This well designed “Create your map” service lets you quickly get a preview of any sky map just by entering a date, time, and location. You can also add a title and personalized caption, in case you’re looking to print out the birth chart to gift to someone special. Something along the lines of “on this day, under these stars, you came to us” might be a good choice if you’re running out of ideas. What an original and thoughtful birthday gift!

Why Are Sky Maps so Popular, These Days?

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