What You Need To Know About Hemp Clothing

Hemp is a type of textile made using fabric from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant. They are amazingly versatile plants that are also eco-friendly. There are many ways that hemp can be used in our clothes, as well as many advantages to using it. Here is what you need to know about hemp clothing.

Protects Your Skin

Hemp fabric ranks as the number one fabric in protecting your skin. It has been proven to successfully block around 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Basically, it gives a 50+ SPF. Hemp offers more than other fabrics because it is both natural as wool and more breathable in the heat than synthetics, and it is ranked “excellent” in sun protection. Even when the fabric was wet, the results did not change. This means that you don’t need to worry about sweat ruining your sun protection. Protecting your skin against the sun’s harmful rays is important to prevent it from getting harmful diseases and illnesses, like skin cancer.

Resists Bacterial Growth

One great advantage that you must know about hemp is its ability to resist bacterial growth. Plants have been used as medicine, remedies, or protection against illnesses for decades. Hemp contains many oils and minerals that have shown antibacterial effects against many bacterias, and this antibacterial property has many daily uses and advantages. One of those uses is in making clothes. This function, specifically in clothes, is very important as it reduces body odor that results from sweat because sweat odor is made by bacteria.

Great For Feet

Because of hemp’s various beneficial characteristics, it is great to use in making socks. It is soft on the skin, but not just that, it also has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it wicks moisture as well. Because of the many benefits that the textile offers, it is recommended to use socks made from hemp for all-day comfort. Not only do hemp fabrics provide more comfort, but they will also last longer due to many of their other properties. This goes to show how versatile their by-products can be.

Stronger Than Other Fabrics and Has Many Uses

Hemp is a very strong fabric which makes it much preferable to use than others. Although the material is typically used in making fabrics or clothes, it is also used in making a variety of items from cardboard containers to skateboards. The cellulose level in hemp is much higher than that of wood, which makes it a much better option in making papers. It can also be recycled up to 7 times, and its strength and amazing properties make washing it much more efficient and eco-friendly. Another great thing about it is that it needs much less water to wash than other fabrics, and it will not get ruined when washed multiple times because of its strong build.

Retains Colour Better Than Other Fabrics

Hemp has been proven to retain color better than any other fabric. It has many characteristics that make it perfect as a fabric. Its ability to absorb water faster and in smaller quantities makes it able to absorb dye better compared to others. Because of that, it can keep colors vibrant and prevent fading of color much more than any other fabric. This means that frequent washing of clothes made with this material will not make its colors fade quickly.

Gets Softer On the Skin With Each Wear

Clothes made with this material are very comfortable to wear and are very soft on the skin. Not just that because over time, it tends to get much and much softer with every wear. Unlike other fabrics that get rougher with every wear and after every wash. The fact that hemp clothes provide so much comfort makes it best for people who stay out for long hours, especially during the day.

Creates jobs

This by-product is not only something good to make products from, it is also a way to create jobs. Hemp is made from a plant which means it has to be planted, taken care of, and then harvested. Its production creates multiple jobs for people in many different countries. Consequently, planting more hemp will contribute to lowering the unemployment rate.

There are many types of plants that can be used to make clothes and fabrics with many benefits to them depending on what you need them for. It is very important to probably take care of hemp and ask for washing instructions. It should not be placed in a clothes dryer because it tends to get wrinkled. Better yet, leave it to let it dry on its own.