What You Need To Know About Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles – also referred to as Groodles- are such fun looking, friendly, and energetic dogs. They are regarded as hybrids or designer dogs, a crossbreed between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Though not all of them are alike, they are different in size, looks, and characters; because these traits depend solely on the variant of a breed over the other. So, it is hard to expect a golden doodle’s trait as you would in a single breed, but luckily you still know you are getting the best lovable qualities of both parent breeds. If you are considering a Goldendoodle, here is the basic information and the facts you need to know.

They Have Loads of Energy

This breed has not been around for long, yet it has grown popular among dog lovers, because of their friendly and wise personalities along with their good looks. They are also well known for being very energetic when young. The dog experts at PuppyWire state that the food these puppies need has to provide them with enough protein and carbohydrates to match their energy levels. Which is very important, that even some owners end up feeding them based on their energy fluctuation.

Will Be Your Athletic Partner

Such dogs will love to accompany you on outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking. Moreover, their athletic stamina gives you the opportunity to enjoy going on long walks and runs with them.

They are Swimmers

Goldendoodles knows when to be lazy in bed and when it is time to get up on their feet. They are your perfect dogs if you and your family have an active lifestyle and cherish outdoor time. Especially, if you will be around lakes and beaches all summer long because these dogs have a very unique and loving relationship towards swimming and will get into the water any chance they get.

Best Playmates


Being that energetic makes them the best playmates you can ever own. They will play fetch with you in the park and run after a frisbee on the beach. They will stay with you, but also manage to be very sociable and friendly anywhere you go.

A True Family Member

With their energetic and sociable skills, they can become a kid’s best friend in a few minutes. Not only that, but when the kids go to sleep, the house can stay in peace and quiet as groodles do not bark indoors. Which can be a downside if you are looking for a watchdog.


Luckily for people with dog allergies, a Goldendoodle can avoid their flare ups because most of them are hypoallergenic and wouldn’t even shed. Besides that, dog and cat shedding are known allergens among people, it is also very annoying to constantly pick up fur from clothes, carpets, and beddings. It should be noted, however, that grovels are hybrids and as mentioned before, so it is difficult to suspect which traits they will inherit.


Goldendoodles, oodles, doodles, or any other name they are called, will all sound fluffy and adorable. They are all super friendly, fun, and enjoyable which makes them a perfect pet for individuals and families too.