What You Need To Know About a Job Agency Scarborough

Working with a job agency Scarborough makes it easier to find an employee or you are seeking a job. These agencies connect job seekers with their potential employers depending on their qualifications. The job seekers do not pay for the services, but the company finding employees does.

If you consider working with a job agency Scarborough, there is a lot you should know about them. For example, these companies offer three kinds of services. These services are; personal placement, temporary help, and executive services, where the agency finds middle or senior management staff for their clients. Read on to know the other benefits.

1. How Employment Agency Works

When there is a vacancy in a company, the manager or HR approaches the employment agency. In most cases, companies have a specific agency they have worked with for a long time, so the agencies know its culture.

The employer then provides the job agency Scarborough with the skills and qualifications they want in an employee. If it is the first time for the agency to work with the company, they will ask about the business culture to find a candidate that matches their environment.

The employment agency will then post the job description, requirements, and other necessary information. They use different websites and social media platforms for advertising the positions.

Interested candidates apply for the job vacancy by sending their resumes to the employment agency. The staff in the agency then go through the resumes and shortlist the suitable candidates. The next step is to screen them and do thorough interviews to choose the best candidate. Sometimes, the employer company carries out the interviews and chooses their best candidate.

2. The Benefits Of Using An Employment Agency To The Employer Company

Searching for employees can be stressful and time-consuming. If the company lets the HR department collect the resumes, screen them, and conduct the interviews, they will delay its end-year goals. However, working with an employment agency comes with benefits. Some of the benefits an employment company gets from the agency are;

a. Knowledge Of Job Market

The employment agencies work with many companies to connect them with employees of different levels. Therefore, they know where they can find the top talents and the career challenges of hiring. The employment company does not know this because they do not interact with job seekers, and if they do, it is for a small range.

b. The Agency Takes Lesser Time Because They Have Better Resources For Searching The Talent

Every time the employment agency posts a job vacancy, they get many applications. People of different qualifications send their resumes, and they can keep the information in the database. If a company asks for an employee with similar qualifications in their database, they will pick from there. This reduces the amount of time that would have been spent advertising and screening the resumes.

c. Cost-Effectiveness

Although employment companies pay a small fee to connect to employees, it is cheaper than sourcing the employees themselves. Besides, the agencies are paid only after a successful hire, so there are fewer chances of spending too much money for nothing.

3. Benefits To The Job Seekers

a. Reduce The Stress Of Finding A Job

Job searching can be frustrating, especially if you are doing it yourself. However, working with an employment agency reduces the hassle of having to drop your resume in different offices. They will connect you with your suitable employer at the comfort of your home.

b. Support And Guidance

Besides being connected with potential employees in varying companies, the job agency Scarborough guides the job seeker during their search. They advise them on how to make their resume attractive and conduct themselves during interviews. This is an especially important step during the job application and can be the determinant in your job success.

c. Job Agencies Give Feedback

In most cases, when you apply for a job and are not shortlisted, you do not get feedback on how the recruiting process is going. This keeps jobseekers anxious. However, employment agencies tell the job seeker how the process is going. If you are not selected, the agency will tell you how to improve.