What to Do with All Your Wedding Photos

Have you recently got married and are now sorting through what seems like hundreds of photos from your wedding day? Photos act as a beautiful reminder of the wedding, lasting for a lifetime. And while it makes perfect sense to hire a professional photographer who presents you with all kinds of beautiful pictures, the question then becomes “what do I do with all these photos?”. Rather than pack them away in a keepsake box never to be seen again, here are some great ideas of what you can do with your cherished wedding photos.

Create a Coffee Table Photo Album

You’ve probably heard of coffee table books; they are books that you leave out on a coffee table so that you and your guests can flick through them. So, why not use this concept and create a coffee table photo album? Instead of just choosing the typical wedding theme, you can get a bit more specific. Perhaps it will be ceremony pictures only, candid photos, photos with friends and family and so forth. You could even make a few different photo albums, rotating them out every couple of months.

A Photo Collage Allows You to Display Many Pictures

Sometimes couples can have a hard time choosing one photo to enlarge and frame. If this is the case, why not frame a few in a collage style photo frame? There’s no need to settle on just one picture and this tends to be a bit more interesting to the eye. It will still feel very traditional and in keeping with framing your wedding photos.

Make Them into Canvas Prints

If you want to display your wedding pictures but aren’t keen on the typical framed photo on the wall as mentioned above, why not choose something a bit more modern looking? Canvas prints are a beautiful way to display memories and have a casual elegance about them. You can choose to create one large print or put together an entire wall of different sized canvas capturing all the special moments of the wedding.

Because canvas is a bit more understated than framed photos, you’ll find this option works well with a wide array of decor styles. Whether you choose to hang them in the family room, living room or bedroom, they will add to the space and act as a focal point.

Make Gifts Out of the Photos

The final tip will be relevant in the first few months or first year of marriage. Why not use those photos and make gifts out of them? Just think how appreciative your parents would be to receive a customized gift with your wedding photo(s) on it.

Some of the gift ideas can include:

  • A customized calendar
  • A customized coffee mug with wedding photos on it
  • Framed photos
  • A wedding album filled with pictures of the two of you and your parents

These same gift ideas can also be used for members of the bridal party and other close family members such as grandparents and siblings.

As you can see, there are many ways you can make use of your wedding photos and cherish them.