What Students Are Saying About: The American Dream

The American dream is a national ethos that states that any American citizen, no matter their social background has a chance at success, prosperity, and upward social mobility for their families and children through hard work and limited barriers in society.

One of the ways the American dream gets achieved is through getting an education and owning a home. Over the years, however, the American dream has meant different things for many generations, and this is what it means to students:

Amassing wealth

For some students, their idea of the American dream is the ability to build assets through stocks, real estate investments, vacation properties, lending out money, bonds, and royalties. These students believe that they will have attained the American dream once they own many properties, live in luxurious homes, drive posh cars, have multiple sources of income, and can generally afford whatever they want.

The students want to own fortune 500 companies with a good net worth, making millions on a bad day. To be able to make money without having to work at a 9-5 job every single day is something they envision in their perception of the American dream. Their beliefs are not wrong. The American dream can be whatever anyone wants for themselves.

A sense of safety and security

For many students, being safe in their homes, schools, streets, and even places of work is what the American dream means to them. Young people of the color stated that having to not worry about their safety and not fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones every day is their idea of the American dream.

They believe that once they can walk during the night or get pulled over by an officer of the law and not worry that their comb is mistaken for a gun, then they’ll have achieved this. When they can demand their rights without it being seen as resistance or violence, leading to being gunned down by the police: that for them is the American dream.

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Equality for all

Other students believe that the American dream has evolved to mean a space where everyone can thrive regardless of their beliefs, culture, religion, sexuality, place of origin, and gender.

If both men and women are treated equally in society, people from different races are respected just like any other American. They are not being treated differently because of their sexual orientation. They are not being discriminated against or stereotyped for religious beliefs. So it’s definitely a place everyone would exist in peace, love, and harmony.

A happy, healthy life

Most students envision themselves happy in the future, having a stable source of income, a good home, good health, a content wife or husband, and gleeful children.

They dream of laughter in their households, family trips to the beach, sharing stories of their day at the dinner table, opening presents during Christmas, birthday celebrations, and so much more. They want a happy family life, see themselves leading long lives, and see their children get their children.

Eventually, they want to die of old age, not lifestyle diseases like cancer or diabetes, having experienced whatever life has to offer. This is what the American dream looks like to them.

Fame, power, and influence

Some students’ American dream involves being on the cover of Vogue or Forbes magazine over their achievements. They want to be famous for musical prowess, political ideologies, fashion, and their fight for human rights.

Students desire to occupy leadership positions where they can enjoy power. They want to have their talk shows, and their thoughts can influence others and be recognized globally. To them, this is their idea of the American dream.


As seen, the American dream is many things. It can go from being famous and influential to peaceful, quiet family life in the suburbs. All that matters is that they have a place to actualize these dreams and reach their goals. The American dream is Americans getting presented with the opportunity and resources to achieve what they want.

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