What Makes a Westie a Perfect Choice to Have as a Pet?

Dogs have always been the most loyal when it comes to pets, but their characteristics really differ from one breed to another. So, if you’re looking for a pet that’ll be a little furball that you’ll just love having around.


Read on and understand why a westie is a perfect choice for a pet for you:

They’re affectionate

One of the best things about Westies is that they have so much love and like to rub that off on their owners. Ask any Westie expert and they’ll have so many positive stories to share on how caring and loving these little furballs are. Not only that, but these experts will also tell you that the Westies have a pretty high emotional intelligence and can pick up on your mood. That makes them able to sense your sadness and give you extra attention and affection when you’re feeling down or upset by being extra cheerful or sharing your emotions. In all cases, having a Westie is like having a constant support system that will shower you with love and care.

They’re intelligent

Westies are known to have medium intelligence which makes them ideal as pets. That’s because they have the ability to understand rules and comprehend the difference between right and wrong as well as when their owner is happy or sad because of something they did. This makes it a lot easier to teach them how to be obedient in terms of cleanliness, what not to mess with around the house and how to deal with other people. You don’t have to worry about them ruining your favorite shoes as they’ll be able to comprehend that it’s something that makes you unhappy once you’ve pointed it out.


They’re friendly

Although Westies are known to like to chase other smaller animals, they’re still very friendly pets when it comes to humans. They like to interact with adults and children and will be very amiable even with complete strangers making it easy to fall in love with them on the spot. You can easily find a Westie running towards strangers and jumping up and down just to indulge in their companionship even if it’s brief. Having a ray of sunshine that’s cheerful and full of energy makes it contagious and easy for owners to pick up, too. And if you have difficulty making friends, your Westie will help give you lots of opportunities to interact with others in a chill, relaxed atmosphere.


Despite a Westie’s small size, they have a knack for becoming a pretty good watch dog because of how alert they are. You’ll find that their ears perk up and they take in their surroundings, taking into consideration where other animals are as well as when something is wrong. Westies love to bark and dig and when they feel someone is coming or something is wrong, they’ll alert you by doing just that.

They’re Independent

Westies don’t require much of their owners as they’re relatively low maintenance. They don’t shed much and so do not require grooming regularly. They follow a food schedule that can be easily followed and once they’re trained well, they learn how to be left alone without making a big mess in your backyard. However, it is essential that they’re trained well in order to avoid certain disorders such as bad behavior towards other dogs due to their hunting nature or Small Dog Syndrome, which only happens when their owner tends to be too soft on them during the training phase. That’s why it is essential that a Westie views its owner as a leader to avoid biting, barking and other habits that can develop when left unnoticed.

They require moderate exercise

While a Westie will always enjoy the outdoor company and going for a walk, they do not go absolutely insane and trash the whole house if they do not get their exercise. That makes them easy to maintain and gives you the opportunity to enjoy their company without having too much responsibility on your hands. However, because they have a hunting instinct, they will need to be let out every once in a while, to get it out of their system.


Caring for a Westie is not only pretty low key, but also wreaks lots of benefits. Having a Westie as a pet ensures that you’ll have a loyal companion that is always willing to shower you with love and affection whenever you need it and really tries to lift up your spirits. And because they’re hardy, you’ll have your very own alert system installed making them excellent pets.

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