What Kind of Spray Foam Insulation Do You Need?

Spray foam insulation is becoming a favorite service among homeowners as it helps them reduce energy costs and increase their monthly savings. You must know what this product is and what kind you should get for your home.

What is Spray foam Insulation?

It is a liquid spray foam sprayed on an area and set to create an insulating layer. This product is quite versatile; thereby, expert installers can prevent air leaks on floors, walls, roofs, loft, and other areas. Spray foam is the most effective insulator you can use for your home.

When you compare this product with its competitor or alternatives like a miner, polystyrene slabs, glass-wool, or expanded polystyrene EPS, then you find out that nothing works better than this one. Although this insulator costs you more, it offers you long-term insulation benefits. When you are out on the hunt for a reliable product, only this product can satisfy your hunger.

Kinds of Spray Foam Insulation

The two most common types of this product are known as closed-cell spray and open-cell spray. Both are made from polyurethane, but the significant difference between them is how they are set on the place you spray them. Let’s find out more.

Closed-cell spray foam: Many times, homeowners are looking for an insulator to offer added support to the home structure. Closed-cell spray foam certainly fits their requirement. It’s because this product is very rigid, so it quickly boosts the strength level of your floor, walls, or ceiling. Once closed cell spray foam is the cell, it has multiple separate gas pockets that don’t let heat pass through it. Since this foam is an excellent moisture barrier, its application will bring the best results only when the place is well-ventilated.

Open-cell spray foam: It is another kind of spray foam insulation. When you need to reduce noise in your home, you should opt for this kind. This foam is less dense and feels soft. Thereby can’t be used for structural support. Besides, it doesn’t offer support against water damage since it won’t work like a water barrier. You can stop air and sound flow through it, though.

Always Hire an Expert

You need the help of a foundation repair expert to get the perfect insulation in your space. Only an expert can do proper insulation. Spray foam is not an easy product to be handled with. If an area isn’t sprayed correctly, moisture and air will find an entry point, and you won’t be able to enjoy full spray foam insulation service benefits.

When you hire the right person for the job, then you will enjoy peace of mind. An expert examines your space and performs some calculations of condensation risk or U-Value. If during calculation, he finds some issues, then he notifies you and offers a solution. Whether you need spray foam insulation for structural support or soundproofing, expert installers will use special techniques and software to determine foam thickness requirements for your home area.