What Brand Kitchen Faucets Are Made In the USA?

The Kitchen faucet market is real—giving room for many brands to get into the game. In particular, the US market is experiencing an upsurge of kitchen faucet production. Plus, the high demand for kitchen faucets is pushing many brands to get into the scene. That’s why you should purchase your products from the best brands if you want something that can serve you for years to come. In particular, top US kitchen faucet brands have been tested and produce high-quality products. Therefore, if you are looking for a genuine, high-quality, and effective kitchen faucet, purchase it from the following top US brands.

  1. MOEN

As one of the leading America kitchen faucet producer, Moen has established itself as a market leader. Located in North America, Moen produces high-quality kitchen products. Started in 1937 under the umbrella of Moen Incorporation, Moen is certified by the IAPMO Group—an organization that focuses on research and testing of kitchen products. The certification means that Moen products are lead-free. Plus, its products don’t contain other harmful chemicals/ substances. Even more, their products are legalized in Canada.

Moen has received various merit awards from numerous organizations. With technologies like MotionSense™, Magnetix, as well as Power Clean™, customers can count on them for superior kitchen faucets. These technologies make life easy and comfortable. Even more, the invention of MotionSense technology has made it possible to produce touchless faucets that are smoother and easy to operate. Moen uses an innovative approach in all its product design—something that has earned then many international awards. For instance, they were the finalist of the HD Award as US most trusted faucet manufacturing brand in 2008. They have an incredible customer care desk. Still more, they provide a limited warranty on their kitchen faucets. So, if you are looking for a faucet producing American-based brand, then let Moen top your shopping list. They produce the best pull down kitchen faucet.

  1. Grohe

Quality, technologically-driven products is what defines Grohe. Originally based in German, Grohe has gone on to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen faucets in the United States of America. Grohe has received numerous international awards—including the CSR Award, KB Awards, and Great Designs Award of 2017. Plus, the companies have won over 300 design & innovation awards over the past few years. Even more, the company is ranked top 50 when it comes to “Changing the World” by Fortune Magazine.

They produce high-quality kitchen faucets. With this company, you are sure of getting innovative products that can serve you for years to come. Some of their best technologies include GROHE Blue and GROHE RED in water systems. Others include GROHE Smart Control as well as GROHE Sense water-based security system. The best part: Grohe offers unlimited warranty to almost all their products—giving customers the confidence they need when it comes to purchasing kitchen faucet products—including mechanical, finish, control, valve, and electrical warranty.

  1. Kohler

Kohler is a leading manufacturer of kitchen faucets in the United States of America. Based in the US, Kohler was founded by Michael Kohler in the 1970s. The company is headquartered in a village known as Wisconsin in the United States of America.

Kohler employs sophisticated technology in the manufacture of all their kitchen faucets. Plus, their products are not only durable but also elegantly designed.

  1. Chicago Faucet

Founded by Albert Brown in 1901, Chicago Faucet is an American owned company that manufactures high-quality kitchen products. Chicago Faucet is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. However, in 2002, Swiss Geberit AG acquired the company—which necessitated the relocation of its headquarters top Des Plaines, US. Like other top faucet manufacturing companies, Chicago uses sophisticated technology to manufacture its products. Plus, Chicago Faucets are famous for the production of a highly innovative commercial product line. Products come with a limited warranty—giving you the confidence to purchase your products.

  1. Jaclo

Simplicity, accuracy, and durability are the key features you get when you purchase Jaclo kitchen faucets. Their products are minimalistic—featuring some of the best designs that can perfectly complement your kitchen décor. As an American owned company, Jaclo has continued to give Americans unique solutions that are tech-inspired. Established in 1901, this family-owned company produces unique kitchen faucets for modern-looking home. With Jaclo, you have a kitchen faucet manufacturer who understands your needs—including quality, durability, design and care for the environment. Plus, they use modern technology to manufacture their products

They have a fantastic customer care desk and offers unlimited warranties in most of their products. You can get more information about that by checking best kitchen faucet reviews.

  1. Kingston Brass

Headquartered in Chino California, Kingston Brass manufactured quality kitchen faucets that can serve you for years. With this kitchen faucet brand, you have a partner who understands your kitchen needs—thanks to their innovative products and unique designs. Established in 1998, the company owns a 72,000 square feet warehouse and produces an array of products. This, customer can count on their rich product line to find faucets that match with their explicit needs.

With Kingston Brass, you have access to an array of unique collections—including:

  •    Concord and Magellan
  •    Buckingham and English vintage
  •    Templeton and American Classic
  •    Georgian

Plus, Kingston Brass’s kitchen faucets come with a 10-year warranty. Even more, they offer spare parts and accessories—giving customers total confidence to purchase Kingston products. With these parts, you can easily repair or replace any part without much hassle. Kingston Brass cares about customers’ health—their products have been certified and meet the AB1953 standards. All products from Kingston Brass are lead-free—so you don’t have to worry about your health when purchasing their kitchen faucet products.

The Bottom-Line

Kitchen faucets are an important aspect of any Home. Thus, when purchasing your products, ensure you go for high-quality, durable, and artistically designed kitchen faucets. Plus, confirm that the faucets you go for can perfectly complement your kitchen décor. Most importantly, purchase your products from a reputable brand. The above are some of the best brands that produce high-quality, durable, and elegant kitchen faucets in the United States of America.