Welcome To Julie Jeongeun’s Impressive Belfast Home

Julie Jeongeun is the name behind Letsby Avenue Instagram account. She moved to Belfast, UK with her husband who is from there and also she met in Seoul, South Korea years ago. She started her Instagram page when they moved into their lovely home a few years ago. “I never knew that I loved styling home until we got our own house but if I look back on my childhood, I remember my mum was famous for decorating our house beautifully and I always found furniture was repositioned or switched a lot!” she told us in our online interview. She said; “Anyway, I think my interior style reflects my personality and my lifestyle. I love music, art and traveling so I collected lots of things from our trips, events or gigs so you have memories when you look at them. My husband and I decided that everytime we go to see a music concert, we buy their albums there. We both loved the idea and have been doing that since. Also, I love to be mature but also like to have fun. And same goes to my styling, I love playing with colours-dark colour to bright colours, textures -wood, brick, rattan, cork fur & others, and patterns. Definitely not minimalist! My brother in law one day said, ‘Maturely curated but doesn’t take itself too seriously’ to me and I thought this is 100% our home.” House and Home also had an article on her house, which covers interesting details of this adorable place. ““We fell in love with a blue velvet sofa we found in Debenhams, but it was a little bit pricey. We looked in other shops and realised it was the best, but it was gone. My husband and his mum, Anne and I checked online every day and went to millions of furniture shops and finally found one in Debenhams’ winter sale!” she told about their livingroom. Their kitchen, bathroom and bedroom includes impressive details which you never miss a second to see. Just scroll down and feast your artistic side with this lovely house!