Wedding Ring Trends for 2021 jewelry

2020 has been a long year for almost everyone. After months of being in quarantine, you and your significant other may be ready to take the next step, which is getting married. Your wedding ring is not just any other piece of jewelry, and choosing one is a lifetime experience. In this article, we share what will be trending in 2021, not for any other jewellery, but wedding rings.

  1. Two stone wedding rings

With double diamonds, you get to enjoy double the sparkle. Also known as the toi et moi rings, if you love to be fancy, this is what you should consider. Two stone wedding rings are expected to be one of 2021’s biggest wedding ring trends. For any bride that loves to stand out from the crowd, this wedding ring design is for you. You don’t have to pick one diamond when you can settle for two. When choosing this exceptional jewellery, ensure to go for one that has contrasting gems so you can get the most classic piece. Also, the two stone wedding ring is getting increasingly popular since it’s an easy compromise when you cannot settle for a favorite shape or cut.

  1. Blue wedding rings

Blue wedding rings will be a common trend in 2021 for anyone who loves to rock a pop of color in their jewellery. The lighter be stone wedding rings are gaining so much popularity as they come with a variety of eye-catching options. Also, blue wedding rings look incredibly fancy with both yellow and gold settings.

  1. Alexandrite wedding rings

The stone is notorious for changing color depending on the surroundings, making it one of the must-see ring trends in 2021. If you are into non-diamond designs but love to see a lot of color around you, alexandrite is your friend. Trend experts have seen a tremendous increase in the sales of alexandrite rings and jewellery, and the trend is estimated to grow significantly in 2021. Alexandrite comes in colors such as fuchsia, green, purple, bright blue, and orange.

  1. Sustainable wedding rings

Couples are now looking for sustainable ways of getting their wedding rings. They prefer to prioritize sustainability when it comes to shopping for their wedding rings and other jewellery since it’s the sole duty of everyone to take part in taking care of the environment. With environmental friendly practices and sustainability in the minds of many individuals, sustainable jewellery, for instance, wedding rings, are becoming increasingly popular. If you choose to go for this option, ensure to consider ethically sourced wedding rings and jewellery. They are also lesser pricy in comparison to other metals since a lot of recycling takes place with sustainable jewellery.

  1. Timeless wedding rings

Surprisingly, most couples are now gravitating towards wedding rings that are simple and offer sophisticated vintage styles. The timeless wedding rings give you a classic and timeless look. Most designers have concluded that timeless wedding rings are selling out now more than ever, making them one of the most preferred options that will trend in 2021.