Wedding Dresses for Brave and Extraordinary Brides by Rara Avis Group

Founded in 2011 Rara Avis is a wedding brand produces dresses and lingerie, shoes and accessories that addresses brave and extraordinary personalities. Soon they became one of the leading brands of the industry and gained popularity day by day. “Our team didn’t stop only on wedding dresses. We start to add brides’ images with handmade accessories, bridal lingerie, peignoirs and unique shoes by Rara Avis Group. Collections differ from each other in style, but they are united by the individuality and love of our professionals who create them with passion and pride!”, they explain on their website. You can see all the unique collections of the brand in their official wedding boutique “Kuraje”. There you have a chance to try on any dress you like, make a lot of beautiful photos and, for sure, find your perfect dress. “Do it with passion” is their slogan which means to create with passion, and the team successfully do it during 10 years. The phrase “She is really special” tells us that each girl is beautiful, special and unique in her own way. This exotic beauty is revealed in every bride. They have an amazing feed on Instagram and we combed it to find the most glamorous ones to inspire you. Just scroll down and let us know about your favourite ones.