21 Fun and Delicious Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

Everyone will be starting school again soon. If your child is going back to school,too, and has to bring nut free lunches, you will need some impressive ideas to use whenever you are stuck. Ohio based vegan mom prepares healthy lunch boxes for her two little kids, Alissa and Noah. She makes creative food and shares the recipes via her Youtube channel. She prepares lunchboxes both for herself and her kids and uploads their photos with her followers almost every day. “I love meals that can be for kids or adults. It makes putting meals together for everyone a lot easier.” she states on Instagram. Blueberries and melon flowers, sugar snaps and crinkled carrots, homemade hummus, rice crackers and leftover chickpea patty make one of their menu which looks both tasty and fun for kids. “We had homemade vegan nuggets/patties yesterday and happily had leftovers. Sometimes I double the recipe and freeze half after cooking them. They reheat beautifully. Also the hummus I defrosted over night because I froze half a couple of weeks ago when I made it!” she says about this menu. She has an amazing pizza bean dip recipe onlu with two ingredients which is praised a lot; a can of your favorite white beans puréed with 1 cup of pizza sauce. So easy and delicious! Dried apricots, pretzels, blueberries and pineapple, toasted vegan cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwich is just another idea that you can prepare for your kids. What is your or your kid’s favorite kind of lunchbox menu? Let us know using the comment box.

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