Bewitching Fine Line Tattoo Designs by Valerie

Based in Rishon Le Zion, Israel, tattoo artist Valerie is specialized in fine line tattoo. She started tattooing 18 months ago, when she was in great depression. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn’t know which profession or direction to go. And my husband actually said to me “Why aren’t you studying tattoo “? And my response was “Except for my tattoos on my body how exactly am I fit to tattoo anyone if I don’t draw?” And then he opened my eyes for the fine line style.” she told us in our online interview, and she continued as follows; “And I loved it. Right away I started to look for someone to teach me how to tattoo and especially how to sterilize everything. And I found a course in London. After I came back I started to learn a little bit how to draw also, and started to study the art history.” She loves fine line because she really likes gentle tattoos, small and petite work, and it takes a great amount of patience to get the lines really straight and beautiful. She prefers black and red for this kind of body art and inks her patterns beautifully in these timeless colours. When we asked her about her inspiration, she replied; “My biggest inspiration is actually myself, I admire other tattoo artists, but I think everything that I’ve learned by now in 18 months I learned myself through experience, through my clients and through my heart. Unfortunately when I came back from London nobody really wanted to help me to gain more experience and I had to do everything on my own.” Finally, she explained why being a tattoo artist is not so adventagous in Israel with these words; “Unfortunately in Israel tattoo art isn’t a profession because of the Jewish religion. It is legal to tattoo but our profession is not considered a real profession here. Although we have a lot of tattoo artists in Israel. And really good one also.” Below you can see some of her the most bewitching tattoo designs that we’ve selected for you.