Unusual Animals That Make Great Pets

Pets are more than just animals that live with us in our homes, they are a huge part of our families. Pets bring us a great sense of companionship, support our positive mood, and reduce our stress levels. Whilst there is the classic argument about whether dogs and cats are the best pets, there is a whole range of other animals Angora Chinchillas are one of them that make fantastic companions. No matter what kind of person you are, where you live, or what kind of animals you like, there is the perfect pet out there for you. This article is our guide to unusual animals that make great pets.

Wondering if there are any other animals that can be legally adopted as pets in the USA? Let’s walk through the list of unusual animals that can be a perfect pet satisfying your unique demands.


Turtles are such a wonderful family pet and can be a really exotic addition to an aquarium or simply a pet in their own right. There are so many different species of turtle, but the most popular turtles for pets are yellow sliders and red-bellied sliders. When they are babies, these aquatic creatures are really small and cute and don’t really need too much attention at all. What is most important when it comes to raising turtles is that you create the correct environment and that you visit the pet health store to pick up the correct food. Turtles need specially formulated food that provides them with all the nutrients they need and fresh fruit and vegetables and treats like mealworms and dried shrimp.

Water temperature, UV lamps, and an area where they can dry off are all vital features of a turtle’s aquarium. It is also really important to note that whilst they are very small as babies, they can grow very large and live a long time, so remember that when deciding if turtles are the right pet for you.


Many pet lovers across the world have found foxes to be the perfect pet. While you should never attempt to domesticate a wild fox, if a sick fox pup has been rescued and reared from a baby, they can become wonderful pets. Fennec foxes, in particular, are really great companions and are relatively easy to train and look after. Fully-grown Fennec foxes are only about the same size and weight as a Chihuahua, and they are really, really cute. Proven to be as smart as dogs, Fennec foxes are incredibly playful and docile and are just as loyal and loving as any dog you’ve ever had.


Whilst for many people, a giant hairy spider living in their house is the stuff of nightmares, there are so many people around the world who absolutely love their pet tarantula. There are so many different tarantula species, but the Mexican Red Knee and the Curly Hair are the two most popular amongst arachnid fans. Like most spiders, tarantulas prefer to hide in some dark place until it is time for eating. Tarantulas enjoy eating live insects such as roaches, crickets, and mealworms, so if you are a bit squeamish, this may not be the right pet for you.


This may seem like a totally left-field addition to our list, but llamas make really excellent pets for people who have a lot of lands. Often used as therapy animals, pet llamas are super friendly, affectionate, and loyal. They don’t require a lot of maintenance or looking after as long as you provide them with a big outdoor space because they love to run around. Years of breeding have made llamas incredibly friendly and docile. According to Mother Earth News, llamas can even be trained to round up livestock!

Boa Constrictors

Another unusual but incredibly popular pet for many people is a boa constrictor. Whilst owning a snake is not recommended for everyone, there are many reasons why boa constrictors are great pets for reptile lovers. Boa constrictors are widely regarded as the calmest, friendliest of all snakes and so are safer to raise than other species. One thing that you absolutely must be aware of when considering getting a pet boa constrictor is their sheer size. A boa constrictor grows very large in a matter of months, so make sure you have enough space to keep your snake as it grows.


Whilst cats and dogs certainly make wonderful pets, there are many people who just like animals that are a little more exotic. There are so many wonderful animals  that make fantastic family pets as long as you do the research and learn how to care for them correctly. Never take on an animal unless you know what you are doing because it can quickly turn into a nightmare scenario for you and your pet.