Unique Indian Style Wedding Photoshoot by Amrit Photography

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Amrit Photography team aims to change the way Indian weddings have traditionally been photographed. Their greatest ambition is to create beautiful images that are as unique as the people in the photographs. When asked about how they organize their photoshoot and the way they follow, they reply; “We meet with our couples several times before the wedding to make sure we capture all their moments exactly how they envision them. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of lighting and posing, we create shots that are intimate and natural. Although we’ve been photographing weddings for over a decade, we are consistently exploring new ways to expand our skill set; therefore, our editing, lighting, and style is continuously evolving.” They are aware of the fact that wedding photoshoot is a vulnerable experience for couples as they open up and allow someone else to see and capture intimate moments of their relationship and they are thankful to the couples who have trusted in them to capture their best day. Their portfolio consists of various Indian style wedding photoshoot examples eachof which is worth seeing. Here is our compilation!

“Wedding photography is all about building a connection with each of our couples.”

“Every encounter enriches our lives, and we feel truly blessed.”

“We are grateful for so many things, but especially for this career and all the wonderful people and places we know because of it.”

“We are constantly inspired by beautiful landscape, and couples who love adventure, who love each other, and who show their love fearlessly.”

“We do what we do because we believe there is no greater happiness than love.”

“And who wouldn’t want to spend their life telling love stories!”