Trendy Sunglasses Which Can Do More Than Make You Look Stylish

Savvy shoppers love any 2-for-1 deal when browsing around stores or searching online, so when a pair of sunglasses can provide an extra function than we’re accustomed to, then how awesome is that? There are many companies out there that have been producing some truly inventive and fashionable sunglasses that do so much more than block UV rays! Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting businesses producing revolutionary sunglasses right now.

Snapchat Spectacles

If you’ve ever wanted to capture a photo or video from your own point-of-view without strapping a Go Pro camera to your head, then the Snapchat Spectacles are your best bet. Coming in three different styles, the sunglasses give the wearer the opportunity to capture short HD movie clips and high-quality images at the tap of a button.

Two camera lenses are fixed at the respective sides of the frames, and the glasses are also water resistant and contain polarized lenses to prevent UV rays from reaching your eyes. The glasses can send the footage or photos straight to your phone, which you can use to upload to your Snapchat account. The Nico and Veronica options cost $199 and the Original model is $149.

Bose Frames

Love music and sunglasses but hate having to wear headphones? Bose clearly thinks the same way, as its new sunglasses are designed with miniature speakers that only the wearer can hear. Coming in two classic varieties, you can buy Bose sunglasses for $199 in the Rondo option (circular frames) and Alto, which are more in the traditional square style. The Alto design looks fairly similar to what you might find from Ray-Ban with its Justin model, which is perhaps the most popular in the online range.

The sunglasses are naturally UVA/UVB protected, which means against the highest UV rays, and come with Bluetooth connectivity, robust materials, and have an integrated microphone. Perfect for when you want to hear exterior sounds but still want some nice beats when chilling in your summer outfit at the beach, these sunglasses are bound to be a big hit during the sunny seasons.

IRL sunglasses

These are perhaps the most interesting sunglasses on this list, simply because they seem to do something quite magical! The IRL (in real life) sunglasses can block transmissions coming from TV screens, which is incredibly useful if you ever walk around the city and witness just how many adverts are playing!

The design is very retro, but if you don’t mind this and desire a pair of sunglasses that assist in blocking out annoying screens during your commute, then the IRL glasses are ideal. The company

recently completed a funding round on Kickstarter for the prototype, so expect to see the final version online very soon. You can read more about IRL sunglasses over here.

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