Top 6 Tips To Stay Safe During Your Trips

A family road trip can be a great way to grow closer, make memories, and blow off some steam, especially now after years of lockdown and COVID restrictions. However, it is incredibly important to make sure you and your family stay safe when you head out to make these magical memories.

1. Vehicle Maintenance is a MUST

Ensuring you get your vehicle serviced and checked before a road trip can alleviate any unexpected breakdowns or problems once you have hit the open road. While you may be up to date with your oil changes, getting a full mechanics inspection of the operating systems can be a great way to ensure nothing will go wrong and leave your family stranded.

Especially if you are taking an extended trip that will cover thousands of kilometers, you want to make sure that your vehicle is in good condition to meet the demands of your trip.

While it may seem like an added expense you don’t need, emergency repairs when you are far away from home will be much more costly and time-consuming, so make sure your vehicle is ready before hitting the open road.

2. Provide Itinerary to your Family and Friends

While you may not feel like planning your trip to the letter, it is imperative you at least have a cheerful plan of where you will be going, and leaving this itinerary with a family member or friend at home. You never know what may happen, and just like a tropical vacation, it is a good idea to let your friends and family know how long you plan to be gone, and when you expect to return.

3. Plan Your Route

Trip planning can also ensure that you have an idea of the routes you will take and cities you will pass through, so you can plan ahead and not miss any attractions, simply because you were unaware of how close they were. Planning your trip carefully can lead to better enjoyment and less frustration when figuring out where to go next.

4. Double Check your Travel and Medical Insurance Coverage

Especially if you will be crossing state or country borders, making sure you have medical coverage is important. Accidents can happen, from getting a cold to accidentally twisting an ankle, if you are venturing far from home it is a great idea to ensure you and your family will be covered for unforeseen injuries and illnesses. Medical costs can be crippling even for small injuries, so this is a definite must when it comes to embarking on your trip.

5. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Accidents happen, and while this is not what anyone wants to think of while on a trip, it is still a reality that needs to be considered. If you are involved in an accident while on your trip, it is important to contact personal injury lawyers like the ones from Trollinger Law, to make sure that you follow all necessary steps before an accident. While no one wants to have a dark cloud of worry hanging over them, it is also important to plan for the unexpected.

Not only for auto accidents but planning for an extended time in your vehicle, keeping an emergency roadside kit, food, and water in your vehicle, can ensure you have your bases covered should you become stranded or involved in an emergency. It is best to plan for the worst and expect the best then it is to only plan for the good and encounter something bad, realizing you were not ready for it. Preparing for the unexpected is in the best interests of you and your family and should not be a step that is overlooked.

6. Reserve Hotels or Campsites in Advance

Making reservations in the cities you are planning to visit can save you from an unexpected lack of vacancy in your desired hotel or campsite. Imagine planning your trip, thinking about camping in the beautiful outdoors and arriving only to find that the campsite is full.

While you don’t necessarily need to do this for all your stops, if you are planning on visiting popular destinations, this is an absolute must to ensure you have a safe and secure location to sleep, rather than in your vehicle stuck on the side of the highway or in a sketchy parking lot because you have nowhere else to go.

If you are planning a trip, these are some simple things you can do to make sure your family stays safe and can enjoy their precious time together making happy memories galore!