Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Your Wedding Gift Table

Although the wedding gift table is never at the top of any bride’ tos -do list, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun making it.

In fact, gift tables are the perfect place to show off some of your creativity and whimsy without worrying about going overboard or regretting a decor decision later. After all, no one thinks much about the gift table after the wedding, whereas people are always commenting on the dresses, food, music, etc.

So, how do you tackle the gift table in a way that’s creative, but still doesn’t completely break your back?

Read on to learn 5 tips and tricks for setting up your wedding gift table.

1. Don’t Skip It

Tip number one to wedding gift tables? Actually having one!

Yes, many brides think the gift table is something they can skip out on due to the popularity of online registries. However, many people still bring physical gifts, and they’ll need a place to put them.

Plus, you don’t want what feels like a million people asking you where they should be putting their gift all throughout their special day.

2. Make it Obvious
To avoid getting questions about where to put gifts, you also want to make sure your gift table is in an obvious spot.

Not only for that reason, but also so you don’t have to worry about any items getting lost or stolen.

A good place to usually keep it is near the entrance of the reception hall or somewhere within eyesight of the DJ. Just make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the flow of foot traffic as well.

It can also be a good idea to place your registry next to your gifts, that way, you can watch out for any discrepancies. The table can also double as an area for other things, like the guest log book, where guests can write the perfect wedding wish.

3. Put Someone In Charge
There’s a lot going on during your wedding day that you need to keep track of while simultaneously still trying to make the most out of the best day of your life.

The more tasks you can delegate to friends and family so you can enjoy yourself, the better.\

One such task is the gift table. Ask a family member or a member of the bridal party to either load the gifts in their car and bring them to the hotel or to bring them to next morning’s brunch where you can open them with everyone around.

4. Get Creative
Last but not least, don’t be afraid to throw in a flair of creativity with your gift table.

If you just want to cover the basics and not get too outlandish, make sure you have a table runner as well as some floral decorations that match your color palette for the wedding.

Or, you can kick the creativity up a notch. You can do things like:

* Get a rustic birdcage where guests can deposit their cards into
* Place a pseudo aquarium/terrarium on the table
* If your wedding has a vintage/old-timey theme to it, use a wagon as the gift table
* Use letter decorations, such as the first letters of you and your fiance’s first names
* Decorate a shipping wooden box for card storage

As you can see, setting up the gift table is not that difficult, and there are many ways to get creative with it! Happy wedding day!