Top 5 Inspirational Places for Peaceful Writing as a Student

All writers aren’t alike. For some, peace comes only in a totally quiet room. For others, writing without some ambient sound of people talking and cutlery clashing is almost impossible.

But finding inspiration and the perfect place to write can be time-consuming. To get you started with some popular spots to write, here are the top 5 places you could use a student to clear your mind and let your creativity flow.

Public parks

For creative writers, novelists and poets, being surrounded by nature and its tranquility can really help bring out their creativity and get rid of a writing block. If you’re a student looking to get away from your campus and find some peace amongst nature, you should try visiting your neighborhood park.

You could sit on a secluded bench and work on your college writing assignments or even write for your own pleasure. Organizing your day and allotting a set time for you to visit the park can make it much easier to always find inspiration to write. You can use study organizing apps for this purpose and be on top of your day.


Libraries are one of the best places for one to write. What’s a better place to get inspired to write than a big room full of books?

Whether you’re working on your short story or working on your academic essay, you’ll find your nearby library a great place to sit and work. Not only are you surrounded by an environment that inspires you, but you can also even refer to books to find ideas and inspiration to improve your own writing ideas.

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Just like libraries, bookstores are home to writers. Some libraries can get crowded sometimes, especially if your neighborhood library is small. For a more relaxing environment, you could try visiting a bookstore to work on your writing.

Seeing the sheer number of books, in mind condition, on the bookshelves can be very inspiring. If you’re a student aspiring to publish your own novel, imagining your book being atop those bookshelves can be a great motivation booster. Many bookstores also have a small coffee shop inside for customers to sit down and relax. If your nearby bookstore has one, all the more reason to try it out as your writing hub.

Writing workspaces

The hustle and bustle of cities has led to several writing workspaces popping up in different areas. Take the example of New York, for instance, where ‘The Writing Room’ is a dedicated membership writing space for writers to find some peace and quiet to write.

As a student, you may not have funds to get a long-term membership, but you could find such workspaces that offer small-term membership plans that you could subscribe to whenever you find difficulty in finding a peaceful place to write. Moreover, you’d find other like-minded people you could get inspiration from to write something better than what you initially had in mind.

Hotel Lobby

Hotel lobbies are luxurious and peaceful, making them a great choice of space for writers to sit and write. You don’t have to be traveling to make this a viable space for work. Get away from busy coffee shops and bustling bars if you want your own space and sit back on the comfortable lounge chairs in hotel lobbies.

You could stretch your working hours by eating a snack or sipping on a cup of coffee or tea from the hotel cafe. Find the most convenient hotel near you that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, check the seating availability and sit down with your laptop to write.


Finding inspiration to write can even come by looking at people walking on the street. But finding a place to sit and focus your mind on writing can be a troublesome task. Experiment with different locations, put your pen to paper and find a place that works for you. You will enjoy, find yourself inspired and who knows, that might help you to be the bestseller author in the future. It’s really worth trying.