Elegant Hairstyles For All Occasions by Tonya Pushkareva

Inspiration is a fragrance of a trembling creative process of building up beauty. It touches your heart and makes you higher and fills you with delight.Having creativity as a part of our soul we get inspiration and more desire to create pieces of art. This is the philosophy of St. Petersburg based hair stylist Tonya Pushkareva. She proves that, when meet with talented hands, hair can become the most versatile material for art. With her deep experience and unique skills, she creates exceptionally beautiful hair styles for the ones who want to look outstanding on their special occasions. Tonya and her team also organizes workshops to share their knowledge and help young talents gain the creativity and practice they need to find their own style. “In our studio you can obtain unique personal experience and skills, built your own creative way into the world of beauty industry and personal independence. In our studio you will learn the art of creating beauty and discover your creativity. We are happy to open all the secrets to you, show nuances and subtleties of skill and you will be able to create your unique author’s style.” If you are interested in hairstyling, you can consider joining in their workshop. Today, we showcase some of Tonya’s impressive hairstyle examples for all occasions.