Tips on Selling Your House in Southern California


Selling your house? Do it faster with just a few top tweaks.

If you’re selling your home, it won’t necessarily be in peak sale condition straight out of the gate. In fact, most houses that have been lived in aren’t. They’ve accumulated ‘life stuff’ over the years that might mean something to you, but is just straight up clutter for a buyer and might put them off with regards to taking the place. Getting a house in tip-top condition is extra-important for SoCal home buyers, as the market is exceptionally competitive. Getting top dollar for your home means you’ll be able to afford to move on to something great.

Read on for top tips to sell your home quickly without breaking the bank or your back!

Make sure the price is right.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of pricing your house too high, and then reducing it if it fails to sell. Some people think it’s worth it for the off chance that the house sells for more than it’s worth, but going in too high can prevent the house from selling even if the price is lowered. The first 30 days of activity on your house is the best you’re likely to get. Setting the price too high, and keeping it that way, might make it look like you’re unwilling to negotiate.

Keep up your curb appeal.

Even before a potential buyer steps over the threshold, they may have decided whether or not they want to buy it based on nothing more than what it looks like from the outside. This is called the ‘curb appeal.’ You can improve yours by mowing the lawn, repainting the front door, or placing a few planters around the area.

Make sure you’re up to date.

A modern house is far more likely to fetch a reasonable price, but you need not do full renovations. It can be as straightforward as replacing old fixtures, getting rid of broken appliances, repainting, or landscaping the front yard. Besides all that there is another question what does it cost to sell a house in California? Always expect the unexpected.

Get rid of yourself.

If someone enters your home with the aim of buying it, they want to be able to envision themselves living in it. They don’t want to see you! Before a buyer comes in to take down any, put away toys, and remove any other clutter such as pet paraphernalia that makes the home ‘you.’ Also, decluttering has another advantage. It makes the place look bigger!

Make the place useful.

Setting rooms up so a buyer can see how they’re supposed to be used, or envision their full potential, is really important when selling a home. If you have a room with no role other than to store items that have no other home, clear it out. Give it a job to do. It will help a buyer see all the possibilities they could have in the house.

Take great photos.

Most homebuyers now start their search online, so it’s essential that the listing for your property has beautiful, accurate images that show your home from all its best angles. It’s

also a good idea to include photos of local amenities, as knowing the place is in a great neighborhood will help buyers come to a decision.