Tips for Design Students to Deal With Essays

You might be surprised, but when you enter a design school, you’re going to notice that teachers will make you write a lot of essays. Of course, you expect only design-related activities, but writing is still necessary, and you’ll have to do it if you want to graduate. Also, getting this skill can be a nice start for you to become a fashion blogger; they are popular nowadays, you know? There are plenty of web magazines that can employ you as an author if they like what you do, or you can even have a chance to become one of those lucky guys who have their own popular blog with a large audience. But anyway, our first goal is earning a designer’s degree! So we will try to give you some tips that will make fulfilling this kind of task easier and more exciting.

Don’t follow the crowd

Creating and following trends is important today in the design world, but on the other hand, we get hundreds of similar essays. Readers (or teachers) are simply bored to get the same product every time.That’s why your goal is to engage your reader by proposing them a unique point of view. Of course, you can use different sources to find examples, for example, you can find some examples for your social media essay on social media essay topics, but you should copy them and create one more copy. Fresh opinions can attract professors’ and readers’ attention, highlight your identity and lead you to higher grades or larger audiences, whatever you are looking for. Don’t attack everything trendy, but criticizing the most obvious design twists is a great plan. Remember that fashion winds change each week, and you have to be stable in this storm.

Read fiction and non-fiction

Transferring your thoughts into paper is a great challenge, so you have to be ready for it. To become a real professional in design, not only in writing essays, you have to understand what’s going on in the industry and not only read popular magazines but also the more serious literature. It will help you to think out of the box and express your thoughts. You may even want to visit websites of already established companies and designers to get a first-hand impression of their work. Another great idea will be to ask a well-known professional about their opinion through social media. Some professional designers may not have time to answer, but while forming a question the right way, you will definitely become closer to what you want to learn. At the same time, reading professional or non-fiction literature (or even well-written fiction) will improve your language skill and help you develop a better literary style.  Non-fiction literature offers a detailed knowledge about the world we live that allows you to have a better perspective on the reality around, history and anything you are interested in except your design profession. You can even have an idea to write a comparative design-related essay comparing the past and today’s situation.

You can make mistakes but should correct them

Sometimes creative “mistakes” that artists make become genius twists; there are plenty of examples in history. However, that does not work for writing your essays. You should read your text again and again, then correct and read once more until you make your work shine to your professor’s eye. Use any options. Various grammar checkers use different algorithms and find different mistakes, technical omissions and misspellings; reading aloud will allow you to find overly long sentences and cut them. It’s important to remember that one sentence should take no more than one breath of air. In that case, your essay will be easier to read, and it will do a better expression.

Use your personal experience

When you enter the design world, your identity becomes the most important thing you have. You have to prove that your professional opinion is strong enough and worth hearing. It is appropriate to add your personal experience and opinion to essays. You can write about anything — your childhood dreams about the fashion world, your attitude towards trending body positivism, the recent D&G China disaster, etc.

You can also get stuck while writing your essays because of a lack of time, effort, energy or inspiration. Never let your studying lock you in a dead circle of stress, depression, procrastination and low grades as a result. In that case, try to find some help: assistance from a tutor or writing help online, for example. Choose efficient and modern options to deal with your academic load and never lose focus. Good luck!