Tips for Choosing the Best Cricut to Buy

In case you didn’t know, no two Cricut machines are the same! The machines come in various models. What is more, even the same model may be upgraded with new features just like any normal technological product. It’s important to understand these differences to help you to settle on the best Cricut to buy in 2019. In this article, you will learn how to do that more effectively. Why? You will learn what makes each machine unique from the rest.

Below are some of the best Cricut machines to buy depending on your needs and budget.

Cricut Maker
Cricut Maker is the latest entrant in the popular stable that the manufacturer has released into the market in recent years. As is to be expected in such a case, it comes with more advanced features and technology compared to all the previous versions. More importantly, it does a much better job of cutting materials precisely. It doesn’t waste materials. An example of its effectiveness is clearly demonstrated in the ability to cut unbonded fabric effortlessly.

Cricut Explore One
Cricut Explore One has the most basic features. Nonetheless, it offers value for money. You won’t find a more efficient Cricut to buy that retails at roughly $199. What is more, it cuts, writes and does everything that you have come to expect from these types of machines. With this tool, you will never struggle cutting more than 100 different types of materials. Its lack of Bluetooth technology may be a concern, though!

Cricut Explore Air
Cricut Explore Air is a significant improvement on Cricut Explore One. It has several high-quality features that the former lacks. The fact that this machine is Bluetooth-enabled means you never have to worry about plugging it into any device. Furthermore, its secondary tool holder allows users to cut, write and score all at the same time without breaking a sweat. That said, it’s worth mentioning that Cricut Explore Air costs $249, which is all worthy!

Cricut Explore Air 2
Anyone who is considering the to buy one should include Cricut Explore Air 2 in that list. It costs just under $300, which may make it a bit costly for most users. Nevertheless, those who can afford the machine should buy it for all the benefits that it offers. Of all the Cricut machines, this one is the fastest with speeds that are twice as what you’re ever likely to get with the other models. Based on speeds alone, this machine is worth investing in!

Now that you have all this information, you should have a relatively easy time determining the best Cricut to buy. As you make a choice, remember to base your decision on your needs and budget. With that said, you will not go wrong with any of these machines. After all, they perform an excellent job and leave you with precisely cut materials for whatever project you have in mind. Therefore, visit the Secret Asian Man for more information on these machines!

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