Tips for Choosing Between Plastic and Wood Skirting Boards

Most people worldwide have reported using skirting boards in their beautiful interior decors. One would want to open their rooms out, comfortable spaces, or may wish to drama. It is crucial to choose the right product for use not to be disappointed with your specifications. After deciding on what kind of interior style or the style you want to create, then here are the tips to consider when making your decision to be confident in achieving a beautiful finish;

Wood Skirting Boards


Wood skirting boards are popular and much cheaper because they are incredibly produced in larger quantities, naturally made, and in various sizes and admirable shapes. By clicking on, you can acquire more information to guide you on this.


Wood skirting boards are tough and long-lasting because they don’t contract and expand when humidity changes. MDF is best for kitchens and bathrooms as you don’t have to worry about water damage and cracks when installed.


They ought to be resistant to scratches and impacts that can cause damage to the finished surface. Once a sharp object marks its smooth surface, it is damaged. Heavy objects with much impact can also cause interference.

Way of Mounting

Here mounting is glued or clipped to ensure that they are fixed firmly. They become strong and not easy to remove. It will also require frequent cleaning to keep interior hygiene clean.

Plastic Skirting Boards


It has a wide range of colors that allows one to choose the best finish they desire in the house. The color of choice should also blend well with the house floor, hence lovely work.


The plastic skirting board cannot be damaged by water or high humidity. When water pours onto it, then it remains strong still. Therefore, in the bathroom and kitchen, use plastic skirting boards.

Way of Installing

These are very easy to install through several ways like staples, glue, and pins. When adequately done gives a desirable and long-lasting look to the house. Frequent cleaning of the surfaces is also done to ensure their attractiveness.


They can be finished in so many shapes and patterns to give a modern shape, not the traditional shape many used to know. This enables one to go for their desired dreams as there is a variety to select from.


Plastic skirting boards are available in two versions: PVC boards with a channel for electrical cables and Solid PVC boards. These are high-quality and improved boards that are harder and with impact-resistant surfaces. It makes work to be finished elegantly and neatly for a noble appearance.


They are resistant to mechanical damage. Whenever they are exposed to such damages, they remain firm. Therefore, their durability is seen and recommended for use where machines are. A site like will guide you on this tip when choosing skirting boards.

Choosing the appropriate skirting board should not just be on the color of the floor but also milling on the front wall and checking the surface structure. After settling on the best choice, familiarity with possible solutions is also a factor to bear in mind.