Timeless and Functional Interior Design Examples by Sandra Weingort

Born in Colombia, and residing between Miami and New York City, Sandra Weingort is an internationally recognized and published interior designer whose style is the perfect blend of curated modern elegance and highly functional, timeless design. She graduated from Parsons School of Design and honed her craft while working for Studio Sofield, where she served as design lead for a variety of high-end residential and retail projects. During this influential period, she learned to appreciate the critical relationship between designers and highly skilled craftsmen and decorative artisans. According to Sandra; each project is unique, taking primary cues from a confluence of architectural context, the client and the desire to create a level of sophistication that is never pretentious. Her philosophy is that excellent design can only be achieved once it inspires a sense of levity and total ease, serving as an uplifting backdrop to one’s daily life, never upstaging or overwhelming the lives or personalities of the inhabitants. “Poise and ease are achieved by balancing an artful sense of color and texture, highly bespoke custom furniture with impeccable attention to detail, and incorporating significant antiques and contemporary collectible design pieces that offer curiosity and a sense of wonder.” she states on her website. Today, we selected some of her brilliant interior design examples, each of which will undoubtedly inspire you for restyling your own place.