Things You Need to Know Before Buying Magnet Screen Door

Some people live in big, grand, luxurious houses and some live in small, simple houses. Either way, houses provide them with the privacy and security they need. A door is an essential part of a home to keep you safe and secure from the outside world. Throughout history, doors went through many evolutions to make them more readily accessible to serve the purpose straight. One such evolution is the magnetic screen door.

What is a screen door?

Magnetic screen doors are curtains like doors that stick in the door frame allowing the users a hands-free opening and closing. The magnetic strip in the center sticks together once the user passes. It’s very friendly for a house with children and pets. Parents need not bother following them to close behind.


Keep Away the Bugs

Bugs can easily enter via a normal door when you forget to close it for two minutes. But with a magnetic screen door, it closes automatically without manual support. So bugs and dust cannot enter your home to trouble you. The two central parts of the screen door mesh together immediately after someone passes through the door.

Hands-free Entrance

Screen doors will easily open with a nudge. Children and pets can access these doors easily without an adult’s help. Locking the door behind them will never be a problem. Sometimes adults with hands full of things and people in the wheelchair will also find these screen doors useful.

Fresh air and Sunlight

Air and light cannot pass through traditional doors. But in these revolutionary screen doors, the mesh allows fresh air into the house eliminating germs and dust from outside. Some houses may lack sunlight, the only for light to enter may be the main entrance. But your worry about bugs and dust may stop you from opening the door. For a situation like this, magnetic screen doors are the perfect alternative. Then your house can have ample sunlight without any worries.

Hassle-free installation

One of the biggest advantages of magnetic screen doors is the installation process. You don’t need an expert or professional to handle it. It’s a very simple and easy process. Some brands provide you with video tutorials or you can just search online for the process. Either it will not take you more than thirty minutes.

Things to Consider During Installation

  • Measuring your door size before ordering a magnetic screen door is essential. It will ensure a perfect fit and avoid further complications while installing the door.
  • Do research beforehand to choose durable products, for example, the heavy-duty polyester mesh will endure regular use. However, note that it’s not suitable for metal doors.
  • Do not forget to clean your door frames before installation. A small dust particle can make the process complicated and you don’t want to be in a hassle. So it’s better to clean it thoroughly beforehand.
  • The direction of your main door opening is important to fix the screen door. If you open the door inside, then the screen door should be fixed outside. If the door opens outside, the screen door should be fixed inside.
  • Giving the panels enough space to stick the magnets is very important. And walk through the screen door once you fix it to check if the magnets align correctly. If not adjust the strips accordingly.

Bottom Line

Magnetic screen doors are a revolution in this era. Soon you can expect its presence in every building. It will become standard practice.