Things to Consider with Any Home Renovation Projects

Are you about to embark on a home renovation project? Brace yourself! There’s a reason many people shy away from such undertakings. What starts as a minor update could end up being a complete overhaul that can take months and even years to complete. To avoid falling into a hole and digging yourself even deeper into it, you’ve got to make some key considerations beforehand. So, what do you need to know?

Have A Clear Plan

It’s easy to decide that your home needs renovation and start bringing out the tools, calling contractors, and even coming up with a design. But before you even make the first call or pick out your peel stick wallpaper, you need to have a clear plan. For example, which room do you want to update? How much are you willing to change in the room? Do you have a clear design?

Here’s an example of a good plan. You can decide to focus on only renovating the home office. Your design could feature a new desk, some art pieces on the wall, a restocked library, and a black peel and stick wallpaper serving as an accent wall. Maybe you could add some task lighting and call it a day. See? Such a plan is clear from the start. It’s hardly likely that you can fail to finish the project. Moreover, you can have a clear timeline for yourself, avoiding dragging on the project for months.

And also, consider the safety tips when you are renovating your home to avoid such accidents. VIP red rope is a very helpful barrier to control unexpected things which may come while you are in the renovation area.


Develop a Budget

Want to know where most people fail with their renovation projects? They do not budget. So, they buy whatever they feel aligns with their vision. What’s the problem with this? They end up reaching into their savings or going into debt over projects that were only supposed to cost a minimum budget.

Understand how much you are willing to spend in total. Then divide this into labor, permits, aesthetic finishes, materials, and miscellaneous costs. Ask yourself how you can save money on each of these aspects without compromising the work quality. For example, you can do some DIY and save on labor costs. Or you can ship in materials and avoid paying exorbitant local fees. Do not forget to include a contingency fund of at least 10% to the total budget.

Also, a budget is only effective when followed. Remember to refer to it when making any purchases.


Think Long-Term

Painting your walls white might seem like a good idea now. But are they sustainable? Think of how much work goes into maintaining the walls. Can you handle the job? Do you have pets and children running around with muddy paws and fingers? Seeing a beautiful living room in a magazine may inspire you to copy everything and implement it in your space. But think about its practicality in your home.

For example, you may opt to install traditional lighting in your space. But wouldn’t you prefer to invest in LED lighting now rather than spend a ton on energy bills for the next few years? Do not forget that your choices will follow you for a long time.


Get Help

Even when embarking on a DIY project, it’s hardly likely that you can do it all alone unless you have prior experience. Having a helping hand enables you to be more accurate and do a better job. When embarking on full-on renovation projects, getting help is no longer optional. Instead, you must find professionals who can handle the task at hand within the required budget and timeline.

Keep in mind that not all professionals are right for the job. Ask for references, read online reviews, assess their business culture, and ultimately, check their prices. It’s always better to work with companies that have worked for at least three years. But of course, you can always give business to startups if you can get good references.

Here’s an easy way to assess if a professional service is right for you- go to their worksite. You will see how they carry themselves, how the clients feel about the services, and if this feels like a good match for you.


Check Your Availability

Whether you are doing a DIY project or having a professional do the heavy lifting, you must stick around and stay on top of things. Ask yourself if you can avail some time to the project. Is it necessary? Sure, it is! Your remodeler will only have the vision you’ve painted, but their execution might be very different from what you have in mind. Being on-site enables you to point out where they might be going wrong. It’s much better than checking in a few days later and realizing that they installed the cabinets higher or lower than you would like. Or they messed up the backsplash concept. Be around as much as you can and strike a rapport with the remodeler. Good communication is key to a successful project.


Work Out Your Contract

Do not jump into the renovation without an explicit agreement on what you expect from the remodeler. Otherwise, you could set yourself up for failure. Many people have complained about the services they’ve received from their contractors. The contractor was not available much, took too long to finish the job, or even up and left before completing the work. Protect yourself by having a clear contract.

In it, detail all the work the contractor will handle and where they will do it. Also include how much you will pay for the labor, how available the contractor will be, and when you expect the contractor to finish the job. Add the handing over procedures and any warranties assured by the contractor.


Be Patient

Renovating is a lot of work, and you’ll have to get comfortable with the discomfort. You’ll have people walking in and out of your personal space and may even have to create temporary spaces to chill as the work ensues. Also, be prepared for emergencies or delays. Sometimes, materials take longer to arrive. Or the contractor gets held up on another project. As you look forward to the renovation, keep in mind that not everything will go as planned.


It always helps to talk to people who have renovated their homes and get their advice on what they wish they had done differently. All the best!