These 6 Tips Can Help You Prevent Eye Strain From Screen Time

Due to the modern way of life, most people spend a significant amount of time looking at the computer, mobile phone, or tablet screen. These gadgets we use all the time while working and during our free time. It is true that with their help, we finish our tasks faster and more efficiently, but we seldom think about how much we strain our eyes.

When we strain our eyes, they become tired and we have a feeling of dryness in our eyes, so we have to find ways to avoid those situations. Although computer and phone screens are inevitable parts of our lives, we can find some useful tips on how to avoid eye strain from screen time, and how to save our sight.

Use the Products That Will Protect Your Eyes

As we already mentioned our screen attachment and how it has become a usual part of our lives, then we must take care to protect ourselves. To avoid the eventual problems with your sight, we recommend buying Block Blue Light products and ensuring the long-term health of your eyes. These products offer different types of glasses, lenses, and eye masks, that will help you to rest and not to strain your eyes.

What is helpful is that you have night and daytime glasses, so if you are working at night, you can be protected as well. Also, if you are bound for your phone at work, then be sure to use screen protectors, that will rest your eyes and prevent possible eye diseases.

Daylight Is Significant For the Development of Our Eyes

As it is important for the whole organism, daylight is equally significant for our eyes. It takes care of our health because it influences its development and functioning. You should spend at least two hours a day in daylight because this reduces the risk of myopia.

Vitamin D slows down aging, and therefore it also slows down the occurrence of eye diseases that appear as we get old. Do not exaggerate with daylight too, but try to find the balance with the best option for your eyes. Take care not to spend too much time indoors, because it will only harm your eyes.

Find a Way to Rest Your Eyes

Many types of research showed that the use of the computer for several hours does not damage our eyes directly, but it bears consequences. Our eyes cannot focus, they become dry, our eyes tingle, and our sight is blurred. Also, as we look at the monitor for a long time, our eye muscles remain in spasm, and it is difficult for them to relax.

As a result, we should alter the position of the screen as we work, and it is advised that our screen stands slightly down, because our eyes are in a natural posture when we gaze. Scientists say that you should apply the model 20-20-20, which means that every 20 minutes you need to look at a distance of 20 feet for 20 seconds. In that way, you help your eyes to blink more often, to rest, and to be moisturized by the proper secretion of tears.

Take Care About the Light

The light from the screen you look at, and the strength of light around you can increase the strain of your eyes. Your mobile or computer screen should be the brightest light in your office or home.

For instance, you should reduce the brightness of your screen when you are working in a darker room, and increase the brightness of it when you are in bright places. In that way, your eyes will be more rested, and your eye muscles relaxed. You should also clean your screen regularly, not to strain your eyes further because of the stains on the screen.

Buy Artificial Tears

You may think that artificial tears are not necessary for you because your sight is sharp enough, but you should buy them for prevention. Check with your doctor how you should use them to prevent the dryness of your eyes. When you are looking at the screen for a long time, you would be surprised how your blinking is actually reduced and how it irritates your eyes. Find artificial tears that suit your eyes the best, and try to pay attention to your blinking while looking at the screen.

Check Your Eyes Regularly

You should be responsible when it is to your eyes because they can be very sensitive, especially because of our new way of life. Find an experienced doctor, who will take care that your eyes are healthy enough and prevent diseases or chronic conditions in your eyes. Your doctor can help you in choosing the best glasses or lens for your eyes. Be disciplined and do not let your whole day pass in front of the screen, but rest your eyes as much as necessary.

When you are taking care of your health, then you are more responsible in all other spheres of your life. Eyes are something irreplaceable, so be aware of their significance and do not replace one screen with another. Use the breaks from your work or studying in smart ways and spend more time in nature, with your family and friends. You will see how your mind, body, and eyes will be clear and refreshed.