The Top 6 Essential Shoes Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Does your wardrobe look like it’s about to burst? That’s not surprising, as there are over 300,000 items in the average American home, and women spend around eight years of their lives shopping.

One of the biggest culprits is shoes. They’re bulky, and you likely don’t wear most of the pairs you own anyway.

What you need is a capsule wardrobe with a small number of essential shoes that work with all your outfits for every occasion in all seasons. That way, you always look stylish, and you won’t waste money and space on shoes you don’t wear.

Not sure what essential shoes you need? This list will cover every type of shoe that every woman should own.

  1. Black Ankle Boots

Coco Chanel said, “when I find a color darker than black, I’ll wear it. But until then, I’m wearing black!”

Coco was onto something. Not only does black go with every other color, but it also doesn’t show scuff marks and dirt as much as other colors, either.

So, what better color for ankle boots, one of the most classic and essential shoes any woman could own?

You can dress them up with a flowery tea dress for brunch or dress them down with jeans and a t-shirt for a trip to the salon. These boots will see you through the colder fall weather right up to the rainy spring.

And you will be able to find a black ankle boot no matter your style. Here are some types to choose from:

  • Chelsea boots
  • Desert boots
  • Biker boots
  • Combat boots
  • Heeled boots

It’s also a timeless shoe style. If you choose boots in good quality, water-resistant materials like leather, they should last for years.

  1. White Sneakers

There will be some occasions where you will be on your feet all day, and only the most comfortable ladies’ shoes will do. For those occasions, you need a pair of cool sneakers or tennis shoes.

Sneakers are comfy, casual shoes for the warmer months, so it’s better to choose a lighter color. Opting for white sneakers will give your whole outfit a clean and fresh vibe. Plus, white goes with everything.

But there are plenty of ways you can dress up a white sneaker. Pair them with a cute co-ord pantsuit for a day in the office. Or, throw on a patterned midi skirt with a graphic t-shirt for a fun weekend look.

No matter your specific style, there is a sneaker out there for you. Here are some styles you can choose from:

  • Plimsolls
  • Baseball
  • Slip-Ons
  • Canvas
  • Hi-tops
  • Athletic

There are dozens of other types of sneakers, and you can view here for more choices.

  1. Leather Sandals

Black ankle boots are a versatile shoe for the colder months, but what about when it gets warm? Summer is sandal season, so get yourself a pair of comfy, hard-wearing leather sandals.

The ideal color of your sandals depends on your preference, but it’s better to go with white, black, grey, or nude colors that will match a range of outfits.

And almost any outfit will match your sandals. You can wear them with denim shorts and a tank top for a day at the beach or a sundress and floppy hat for drinks after work. There’s nothing wrong with wearing sandals with jeans and a blouse either if the weather is not quite warm enough for a skirt.

Stick to flat sandals as they will be comfier than heeled sandals.

  1. Classic Heels

You knew this iconic ladies’ footwear style was coming! Yes, every woman should have a pair of simple, neutral heels in her wardrobe for those formal occasions where flats won’t cut it.

Having a go-to pair of heels covers you for weddings, formal work functions, fancy dinners, and parties.

Choose a dark color for your heels like black, navy, or burgundy. Heels scuff easier than other shoes, so a pair of white suede stilettos won’t last long.

Speaking of stilettos, don’t choose a heel that is more than four inches high, or it will be difficult to walk in. Two to three inches is best. And opt for plain heels with no embellishment, so they will go with more of your outfits.

Choose heels with a strap so they will be comfier, too.

  1. Loafers

Sometimes you need a shoe that is more formal than sneakers but still comfy. That’s where loafers come in.

They are the perfect go-to office shoe, and they can step in (pun intended!) the place of heels when your feet need a break from high shoes.

Style them up with a pair of paper bag pants and blouse, or dress them down with cropped jeans. And even if you choose a neutral color, opt for a snakeskin or crocodile textured material for a stylish twist.

If you live in a warmer climate or don’t have an office job, you can opt for a pair of espadrilles in place of loafers as they are more casual.

  1. Hiking Boots

Whoever said women don’t like exploring the great outdoors doesn’t follow #granolagirl or #vanlife on social media. When you get off the beaten track, only a strong and durable pair of hiking boots will do.

You never know where your adventures will take you, so choose waterproof hiking boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. Size up your boots by at least half a size so you can wear thick merino wool socks, and they will still fit.

Choose boots with ankle support, and don’t forget to break them in before heading into the wilderness, or else you might get blisters.

Streamline Your Looks With These Essential Shoes

Fast fashion is harmful to the environment, and cluttered living spaces are bad for your mental health. So, by investing in these classic, essential shoes, you will be able to look stylish while gaining other benefits, too!

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