The Top 6 Botanic Gardens To Visit In The USA

Whether it is the hot or cold season, nature always has some beautiful scenes for people to explore and enjoy all year round. If you are lucky enough to be living in the US, then you have access to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. Great America has its fair share of botanical gardens that people travel from all over the globe to see. If you are keen on connecting with mother Earth and all it has to offer you a little more, then here are some of the most iconic botanic gardens to visit in the USA.

1. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Going out to explore nature does not have to mean roughing it or staying in the wilderness. It can be fancy and luxurious, especially if you visit a place like the Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. The stunning views are like something straight out of a magical fairy tale. The place is most famous for its unique fountain fixtures that are constantly being developed to look as good as new. Everywhere you look you will see flowers and greenery along with the smooth running fountains. During special occasions, you can even catch fireworks shows and see the lit water fixtures surrounding the whole place for an extra magical experience.

2. Kansas State Capitol

The sunflower state is known for its abundance of beautiful gardens that are like no other in the whole country. If you are looking for places to visit in Kansas, then there is nothing better than the state capital to start with. As a tourist in the Midwestern state, you will get to explore the legislative authority building of Kansas, as well as connect with the great outdoors and all it has to offer you. The unique thing about the greenery in the state capitol is that it is open to the public almost all year with various exhibits and shows. You can go with family or friends to enjoy the architectural marvels that surround the whole place and learn a little more about history while you’re at it.

3. Portland Japanese Garden

If you want to go out and explore the great outdoors but at the same time you want to see something different and unique, then you should make your way down to the Portland Japanese garden. The exotic place has a lot of unique plants all the way from the far east, so you will feel like you are on a trip to Tokyo yourself. The ponds and flowery trees make for beautiful backgrounds for your special pictures with whoever you are visiting the place with.

4. Chicago Botanic Garden, Illinois

One of the oldest and most fascinating landscape areas in the entire US is the Chicago Botanic garden. The place is mesmerizing with its endless collection of plants from all over the globe. You will get a chance to learn all about various species with almost 5000 of them living in the place. If you are really keen on learning more or if you are a researcher, then you will find a massive library built right in the center where you can read and know all there is to know about the plants.

5. Bok Tower Gardens, Florida

Florida is known for its warm and sunny weather, which makes it a great habitat for all kinds of living creatures. That is why it is no surprise that the Bok Tower gardens are considered among the best-looking places to visit in America. The landscape has some fancy-looking mansions that are surrounded by a wide variety of trees and flowers that are so colorful you will think you are in a live painting. As you walk around, there will be numerous birds flying around you from over 60 different species, just to make the place a little more magical.

6. Atlanta Botanical Oasis

Whether you are looking to book a trip to the great outdoors with your kids or with other adults from family and friends, you will surely find what you want at the Atlanta botanical oasis. The massive, award-winning garden often plays host to different exhibits and art shows for both adults and children throughout the year. You will just need to do some research ahead of time and book the shows that interest you the most.

When it comes to planning a different kind of trip in the US, there is nothing better than exploring all the beauty that nature has to offer. Try doing some research to find the nearest botanic garden to where you live and start making your plans. Remember to book any exhibits or shows ahead of time, just so you can have a good experience wherever you choose to go.